Can You Stop Thinking… How do you Recycle your Thoughts? Part 3 

Inevitably what Troubles you Mentally and Emotionally manifests itself Physically

Healing your Thoughts you will achieve to heal your physical body 

Incontinence – Years of controlling the emotions with overwhelming pressure.

Psychiatric Insanity – Fleeing from the family, escapism, withdrawal, separation from life.

Insomnia – Fear, guilt, lack of trust

Jaundice – (liver problems) Strong prejudice and criticism.

Hepatitis – Chronic complaining, blaming others.

Joints – (Arthritis) Represents changes in directions of life and the ease of these movements.

                Kneejoints represent pride and Ego, inability to bend, inflexibility.

Feet – joints represent the way we move forward in life, flexibility.

                Hands – joints, they carry very emotional consequences:

Hand Fingers:

Thumb – Intellect and worry

Index – Selfishness

Middle – Anger and Sexuality

Ring- Unions and grief

Little – Pretending

                          Elbow – joints, represent the denial to accept new experiences

Kidney problems – Criticism, disappointment with life, resentment.

Kidney stones – Lumps of undisclosed anger, failure, shame.

Leg problems – Fears of the future, insecurity.

Liver – the seat of anger, violence and all negative emotions.

Lung problems – Depression, grief, not feeling worthy of living life fully.

Healing your Thoughts Emotions and believes, play a major part in your health and well-being 

Metaphysical Healing travels in your own thoughts                                                                                                                                                              

  1. Intuitive DNA Healing and Life-Coaching
  2. Clearing Your Past Life and Energy
  3. Relieving Emotional Blockage
  4. Healing through Crystals
  5. Counseling

 The Evolution of Healing is now!



Healing Your Thoughts

Healing Your Thoughts

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