The Healing Power of Mother Earth

The Healing Power of Mother Earth

The Healing Power of Mother Earth

Living this earthly life feels so good to me every moment I wake up at dawn. I always wake up to the welcoming fresh air and the lovely morning birds singing their charming tunes. This is what keeps me smiling all day. This is why I consider earth as an awesome and consistent provider of life and healing. It is so hard to believe in the healing powers of mother earth. We get ourselves stuck with the question “how is mother earth responsible for one’s illness?” Once you get yourself disconnected from mother earth, you would have invited ill health into your life. Eventually, this may lead to serious health complications that may be difficult to deal with.

Getting connected to mother earth is having a big dose that will always have you enjoy her healing powers and her awesome energies. Staying connected to mother earth is the top most secret of keeping a healthier body and a strong immune system. It also provides a great chance of healing others too. Earth is a solid grounding force that gives us a sense of security in our lives. Its revolution keeps us glued to it due to its force of gravity. Not only human beings but also earth provides a foundation for most if not all structures found on earth. Homes, companies, schools, hospitals, churches are all built on this strong ground. Earth’s soil gives structures strong stability enabling us to live freely without any troubles.  A home that is built on a raised place above the ground that allows water flow under it is considered unstable and this may lead to the structure collapsing. This poses a great danger to our lives. Earth’s soil does not only act as a foundation to earth’s structures but it also acts as a home to the many forests found all over the universe.A scientific research shows that these trees are of great importance to our health as human beings.

Herbal medicine ( Homeopathy) for disease treatment can be extracted from the leaves or rather the roots of these trees that have their lives supported by the soil. The trees also provide fresh air for our respiratory system while they take in extra carbon dioxide breathed out of our bodies. This ensures the balance of the composition of the air components, a good thing to our health. In this modern age, the world is emitting harmful positive ions almost from anywhere. This is due to the advanced technology experienced in almost every field. Some of the positive ion generators include computers, iPhone, wireless appliances, TVs, heaters, air conditioners and many other electric appliances. A scientific research indicates that these positive ions are of great danger to our health. Health officers are advising us on a daily basis to avoid exposing ourselves to these ions for a long period of time. Making a step backwards to those old days will greatly help us in understanding the healing power of mother earth. The natural earth does not emit these positive ions in excess. Therefore, being the best for our health. But how are we going to walk back to those old good healthy days? Visiting a spiritual health advisor will help you in identifying areas in your home where you can enjoy the natural earth. Do this today.

Lets praise and thanksgiving to our greater spiritual  healer  April the 22nd _ Earth Day

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