the healing power of chant

the healing power of chant

Chant is the singing of words or hums with a rhythm or tune of different sounds, tempo, pitch and loudness or softness that creates a vast experience of unexplained feeling. Hearing a chant or reciting creates a tremendous spiritual feeling similar to the experience of seeing a beautiful painting, enjoying the hotness of the sun as it rises or getting into the top of a mountain. A good chant creates a soothing sensation in the mind, body and soul that relaxes an entire being. It seems like you can feel the world stopping for a little time and you can savor the moment of peace and joy. In short, the feeling is magical.

One of the most important uses of chant is its capability to heal people. Chant has a certain healing power to people of all ages, from the fetus in the stomach to the person of very old age. Upon listening to a chant, you can see how behavior of people changes to something better or more behaved. The healing power of chant is now used not only by different religions but also by psychologists in order to heal a person from different types of sickness. Its healing power is beyond myth and is now scientifically proven to improve conditions of patients suffering from different ailments.

The healing Power of Chant

Chanting is used to relax a burden soul or a troubled mind. It can be used as a therapy to heal a wounded heart after the loss of a loved one, or when combating diseases. The things in the material world are often not enough, if not useless, when we feel bothered, disturbed or deeply concerned about something that’s out of our control. Good thing, nature’s there to comfort us through the different problems we encounter. We can hear the animals the trees and the wind chanting for us to make us feel better.

Aside from listening to the chant of Mother Nature, the technology we have today can be used to create chants of our own. You can play instruments or record your own chants. You can even go the mall and buy compact disks of different ready-made chants, which are the sounds you usually hear when you to spas for it help customers relax. When you are alone or with someone close to you, you can hum with your own voice, say words of inspirations or utter praises of religion in the form of a chant.

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