healing of psychic fears

healing of psychic fears

Healing Psychic Fears are at most beneficial and rewarding.  People living their lives as psychics always view the world from a different angle and with a higher perception than normal. Their psychic abilities are what make them feel the world using their six senses. It’s this feeling of unfitness in the normal world that drives in psychic fear. Those undergoing psychic awakening always get to the point of an uncertainty of something that usually scares them. What then causes these psychic fears? The fear of unknown fear of something bad: This usually happens to individuals undergoing psychic experiences for the first time.

Everything suddenly becomes new to them as their sensitivity towards the environment increases. At this stage, many people tend to overanalyze everything exposed to their judgement. Due to this mode of perception, most tend to believe in those things that could bring them happiness while discrediting the rest. The fear of never resuming a normal life is always a dreadful thought specific not only to beginners but also to experienced people. Most usually get lost wondering and trying to analyze whether they would ever go back to their normal life. At this stage, the individual usually have the least amount of control over their thoughts. Some individuals rarely get to sleep while others are always detached.

Is it possible to be in control?

The good news is that taking control of this feeling is completely possible. The sooner you will get along with it and the sooner you will know how to turn your abilities on and off.

What about the fear of receiving a criticism from others?

Under these circumstances, an individual often discovers that he or she has a fear of their hang’ out group.  Thus, the feeling of group judgement finds its way in. Since such individual tends to view things from a higher point of view, most fear being turned into a subject of criticism. This can lead to becoming completely detached from a group and immerse into a more private life where they will, preferably, be alone. This is always the case, particularly, when a group violates the autonomy of free will. Thus, trying to force a psychic to move in the direction the group wants can lead to complete withdrawal.  Free will and the ego play the central role in the psychic’s life.  It’s what makes them do what they do and any intrusion into it always brings more harm than good to an individual.

Finally as much as psychic abilities are supposed to be amazing the fear that comes with it can harm an individual. The best remedy is to talk to those who have been there too and always know that you are not alone…being psychic is normal.

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