Psychic Healing – Loneliness Belief System

Psychic Healing - loneliness belief system

Psychic Healing – loneliness belief system

Are you fearful being alone? 

Are you avoiding at all costs so you are not alone?  Do you feel being single is worse than death?  Being obsessed about relationships is not healthy.  Agonizing over LOVE deprivation is not good for you (or your current or future partner).  Once you can overcome your fear or anxiety, like many things in being in life or in a relationship, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Being alone is important and necessary to connect with your spiritual self

To be with yourself is a very positive encounter; this enables you to think, reflect and meditate about recent poor LOVE choices.  We choose poorly sometimes because we do not think or reflect enough about the LOVE choices and what is driving us to make those choices.  It is easy to act impulsively or reflexively without taking into consideration the consequences of our choices (indeed it is exciting to be spontaneous and throw caution to the wind).  When it comes to those addicted to LOVE, anyone who is available to LOVE will suffice.

Your need to fix your sense of desperation will drive you to unhappy relationships.  If you find you are consistently in unhappy, unfulfilling relationships, you can still feel “alone” although you are with someone.

It is time to boost your self-esteem and realize that LOVE is an option; it is not a must!

For Psychic Healing to take place, being alone is important and necessary to connect with your spiritual self

The Difference between Being Alone and Being Lonely

Some people can be alone and never feel lonely.  They have found peace within, are happy with and have confidence in themselves.

Others can feel lonely even in a room filled with family, friends or acquaintances.  Those who are LOVE addicts are driven to LOVE whoever is available; they will find themselves “alone” even in a relationship or with people around them.

Psychic Healing - loneliness belief system

Psychic Healing – loneliness belief system

When you are with others, you cannot feel your core spiritual energy.  People around you can bring disruptive energy even if they do not intend to do so.  Spending time alone enables you to meditate, to go deep within yourself, to listen to the silence, to the birds, to nature.  Even in the stillness, you will find that there is still much of your own thoughts rushing through your mind.  It takes regular practice of stillness to be able to eliminate or delete all that noise and traffic in your mind – to achieve calmness.   This stillness is vital for you to be able to truly and honestly examine the compulsive rush to be in unhealthy relationships.

Being alone gives you time and space to recharge your own energy-battery.

Loneliness is a different feeling, which happens when you are craving interaction or intercourse with another person and not getting it.  Thoughts of “No one loves me,”  “No one cares about me,” “No one understands me” are symptomatic of varying degrees of depression.  Remember that loneliness and LOVE never last forever.

People do not always live up to our expectations.  If you are feeling disheartened and must endure struggles, there is no reason to go at it by yourself.   Psychic healing with a life coach may be the best way to find clarity.

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