Healing with Frequencies and Vibrations 

               I’m sure you have heard the phrase “you get what you give” or what you put out comes back to you.” Are these just two phrases rooted in folkloric jargon or are they backed by metaphysical laws of nature? The latter is actually true. There is the law of nature that states that nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates. The higher the vibration the faster the movement, the slower the vibration the slower the movement. Emotions operate at various frequencies or vibrations as well. Fear has a slower frequency than love as the same with despair and gratitude.

Healing with Frequencies and Vibrations is  bringing awareness to the energies that you allow near your body temple is important as frequencies and vibrations can penetrate our beings as well. Not to fret!  As there are negative frequencies of course there are positive ones!. There is a beautiful healing process called sound therapy where various tools/ instruments  are used to tap into various energy centers in the body depending on the vibration level of the frequency of the sound wave.

Have you ever heard of the Solfeggio scale?

There are six notes, some that you may be familiar with some of them as it is relative to a popular children’s song that is underestimated as simply a vocal warm up yet when understood can be used as a powerful healing mechanism.. The tone 528HZ is known to repair DNA

The Ancient Solfeggio Scale is as follows: 

UT- 398 Hz Liberating Guilt and fear

RE-417Hz Undoing situations and facilitating fear

MI-528 Hz Transformation and Miracles (DNA repair)

FA-639 Hz Connecting/ Relationships
SOL-741Hz Expression/solutions
LA-852HZ Returning to spiritual order

As you can see each place on the scale coincides with its own frequency. The “Mi” tone operating at 528 Hz is derived from a Latin word ” Ml-ra gestorum” meaning miracle. This frequency is known for tremendous healing properties.

Our ancestors new the healing of frequencies and vibrations, they have tapped into the benefits of using frequencies and vibrations for decades. In fact when we meditate with any object such as a crystal, a rock or with a lit candle we are witnessing and enjoying the vibe or vibrations that emanates from this object.

When chanting a mantra or creating sound that bellows and stirs throughout our energy centers we are using our voices to create sound vibrations inside of our bodies which in turn  stir up the centers and get the energy flowing and cleared the way it should be.

Everything that is alive vibrates and operates at a frequency. According to a study done by a researcher by the name of Bruce Taino of Taino Technology,

 a healthy human body should operate at a frequency level of 62-78 MHz.
 Lower frequencies allow for illness to enter the physical body easier.

What are a few ways that you can continue to raise your energy vibration daily?

Remember “You are what you eat!” I know its cliché but it is indeed true. Your aura, your energy vibration is a true divine reflection of your inner temple and if we over indulge on canned, processed junk foods well our frequency will be reflective of such. Now on the other hand, the healthier, clean live foods we consume will add to an increase of frequency level.  Meditation increases frequencies so it is the easiest, least expensive, readily available habit to adopt into your life to ensure increase in frequency vibration.

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