healing or dying from a belief

healing or dying from a belief

Belief is a state of mind that accepts something to be true and reliable even without proof.  This belief can be philosophical – ideological – religious or combination. Maybe we are not aware that belief-system is part of our daily life – we always apply it every day that can be beneficial to us or sometimes not.  This may be traditional or scientific. Why do we need to learn about this? Because, this will give us idea what belief is important and valuable that can nurture us in future and what is not that can be revise or completely removed to our system.

Beliefs are something we acquired in our childhood. This can be true or not, but as a child without knowledge from anything, we accept it without hesitation.  Imagination also affects our feeling to completely attach to the belief.  It will affect our mood and some decisions in life.

Some believes may continue until a young one grows old enough to understand questions that are kept in our mind. This questioning and seeking answers was influence by your society.  Education will fully open our mind in questioning about the fact of our belief.  Nature will also contribute to answers in some belief.  This will help us, what to apply and what is not. In order to do this, we must be open-minded and motivated by our will. Willpower is attainable, by having fully conscious mind.  You must have open to any changes to your life for obtaining maturity.

We cannot rely on beliefs alone for all of our lives. Reprogramming beliefs is required to achieve DNA reprogramming of consciousness.

We must throw away some beliefs that are irrelevant to us. Store the valuable and useful one. We are like computer that contains hard drive, which holds to many software’s or beliefs in storage. In order to make it perform properly, we must clean it and remove some unwanted things stored in it. So we can install, download and store the right programming with new and useful things for future.

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