healing arts

healing arts

In the modern times and contemporary era of technology and industrial revolution, the usual human problems are now accompanied by more difficult and challenging obstacles.  Before, life was simpler, such that you will never go hungry as long as you plant food on your backyard. You can earn a little extra by selling some of it in order to satisfy your family’s other needs. Today, it can be argued that life can be simple when you want it to and do things to make it so, but then, we have to face the truth that alongside the technological advancements is bigger problems and worries.

You have to study for several years and find a job based on your education and experience. As globalization continues, people get to do more, enjoy more, and unfortunately, worry more. There are so many bills to pay, there are a variety of newly formed or discovered diseases, the environment is degrading and a whole lot more. The good thing is that as problems multiply endlessly, ways to combat and solve them are formed everyday just like the rising sun greeting us every brand new day. Now, we have yoga, different types of dancing exercise to relieve stress, different kinds of music to ease and cool the brain and soul and we also have healing arts.

Healing arts is not new in the realm of human psychology. People from ancient past have been using this therapy in order to fight off problems, diseases, loneliness and stress. It is not only the physical part of the body that needs healing. The mind, the body and the soul need healing as much as the other vital parts. The mind is always preoccupied with lots of things including those that are unnecessary and are causing lots of worries and stress. The body needs to be fit and healthy but it is affected by the problems encountered by the brain. The soul, which refers to the consciousness of man, including intelligence, faith and outlook in life, needs to be fed and nourished according to its needs, may it be knowledge, skills, lessons and experiences.

In terms of arts, there’s an infinite number for the types of art we have, for art is limitless, and putting bounds around it will strip it of its essence. It is debatable on whether something is a work of art or an expression of it or not but this is irrelevant in healing arts.

In healing arts, you are very much free to choose the right of art that will give you what you are looking for. Peace of mind is one thing that many people look for nowadays, but the goal in performing healing arts varies from person to person. Healing arts, like any other art, will always be subjective.

Healing arts is a way to give the mind and soul a break, once and for all, from all the anxieties present in the environment. It ranges from seeing artworks, or painting one, into the simplest form of reflection about one’s self.

As the word suggests, it “heals” us from the heartaches, physical and emotional pains, mental and physical stress, combat of sickness and other problems of the ancient and modern world.

Healing arts can be as easy as sitting in your house, remembering the past, reflecting about the present and contemplating about the future.

The essence of healing arts is to temporarily detach the person from the physical universe and bring him or her into the realm of his or her own consciousness, that he or she may better live life to the fullest.  

We have painting, sculpture, photography and other forms of visual art that can help us heal. There are also theater, drama, film, fine arts, interactive media, music and dancing. In music and dancing alone, there are already lots of things to choose from. We can try all or try some and find those which suits are qualities best. Classical music is the most common type of music associated with healing, but there are people who find happiness and bliss in rock music. Through the power of healing arts alongside creativity and interpretation, one can know oneself better and appreciate life in a different and improved perspective.


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