FOUR OF WANDS – Minor Arcana



The Four of Wands often represents the events and experiences that generate excitement. These vary from person to person, but the stirring feelings are the same. Sometimes such times arrive unexpectedly. The Four of Wands can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill. Other times this card represents planned celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and victory parties.

In The Four of Wands  our attention is immediately drawn to two women who joyfully wave bouquets of flowers high above their heads.  Both women appear to have paid particular attention to their attire on this day and even wear elaborate arrangements of flowers in their hair.

In the foreground Four Wands stand adorned with garlands of fruit and vegetables.  The Wands are positioned in a manner which make them look like a doorway or entrance.

The structure made of wands resembles a chuppah; this is a traditional canopy under which Jewish marriages are consecrated. Here the canopy is replaced by an open-air boundary of greenery and flowers.

The castle in the Four of Wands looks well maintained and may suggest that effort and time is being put into the home front. You may be decorate, renovate or flip.

Time is come for achievement and the desire to establish roots of some kind.  The Four of Wands brings stability – order and security into your life after a period of upheaval – movement and transition.

The Four of Wands often brings with it a sense of freedom; this liberation may take place on the physical, emotional or spiritual sense.

Graduation Day!!! And celebration on the completion of years of intense works and study.


New job.  A move to a new home or work place – Everything is new, exciting and for the time-being almost holiday-like.


Stability, financial security for the household, homecoming, celebration, happy times.


Ceremonies, Graduations, Contentment, Support, Self-Esteem, Pride, Achievement, Fruits of Labor Community Spirit, Community.

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