Five of Swords – Minor Arcana



In the Five of Swords, Tarot Minor arcana, a young man, with a look of contempt on his face, stares at his enemies. He possesses five swords, most of which he has taken from his enemies. The other two figures walk away from him slowly, with a sense of loss. The sky is cloudy and tumultuous, indicating that not all is well despite the battle being seemingly over.

The Five of Swords sees you engaging in conflict or finding yourself disagreeing with others – leading to tension and hostility. Despite thinking you have won, you may still end up the loser because you have hurt others and by consequence isolate yourself.

As a result of the conflict others have now lost faith in you and do not want to be around you. This might be one of those times when it feels like everyone is against you and you may lose some friends along the way. You will need to make rethink about your ego centered behavior.

Overall, you are in for a struggle and there is more work or problems ahead than you are aware of now. Things will not go as well as they should, and you will have conflicts or clashes of will with others.

The Five of Swords is a card representing ambition but in the negative sense. Too much ambition without regard to the consequences to yourself or others results ultimately in a situation of loss for everyone.

There may be an unfaithful partner or a jealous person in your life who is sabotaging you behind your back.  You must be very careful whom you trust at this point in time because you are vulnerable to attack and gossip.

Because this card indicates conflicts, both external and internal, don’t escalate conflicts unnecessarily. Think before you act.


Work: You may be your own worst enemy. Don’t expect the entire system to be changed just because you believe it should be different. How you speak your mind is as important as what you say. Be sure that your behavior is impeccable.

Love: Unfortunately conflict is a near. Things may not work out as you would hope with a love relationship. Accept reality.

Finances: Are there things you don’t need that you can sell? Can you cut expenses any further? Above all, don’t give up. Don’t be too proud to ask for help if you need it.

Health: You’re likely to be under stress from a combination of factors, so it’s particularly important when this card appears to be gentle with yourself. Worry and guilt are useless. Let them go.


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