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Feminine Energy with Intuitive Power – Bea Kobran

 Feminine Energy  with Intuitive Power

Ever since women have entered the workforce in large numbers, the problem of sexual harassment has gained a momentum of its own. Though women may be highly educated, have requisite qualifications and work shoulder to shoulder with men, almost 60% are subjected to unwelcome sexually determined behavior by the opposite sex.Even women doctors are not exempt, and many are harassed by senior doctors, consultants, interns and male patients. One cannot walk on the road or public transport without being harassed by bullies or eve teasers. Sexual harassment cut across all socio-economic barriers.Gender discrimination and stereotypes are the real reason for such behavior. Some men feel that the biological roles of wife, mother and home maker are violated by women who step out of their homes for employment.Women too have come out to extreme ideas of playing “super women” some aspects of feminism make men feel distinctly uneasy and paranoid. They try to get even through sexual harassment. After all, they too are victims of stereotyping. Most men think that good women don’t get sexually harassed. But bad women invite trouble by behavior and dress.As we are moving into a higher dimension, a lot of question arises to how this process in manifesting and how can we all respond and help with what many call ‘The Power of Feminine Energy’.It is important to understand that we are shifting towards a new dimension and to do so we must understand what Feminine Energy Is as there is much confusion into our reality, as we witness the transformation of what many perceive for years – the predominantly unbalanced masculine status quotient.Feminine energy with intuitive power has been suppressed for thousands of years in the psyche, resulting in the oppression of women in the external world, and the feminine qualities in all of us.It’s time for both men and women to reintegrate those polarities. In fact TIMES magazine has awarded people who came out of the box as The Silent Breaker and spoke their heart out by telling their stories.

What is Feminine energy with intuitive power?

Feminine energy with intuitive power is a soft, clairvoyant, loving, nurturing, determined, fiery and as big as the Universe! “God gave women intuition and femininity”.

Love yourself today. Today is the best day of life! What if every step you took from this point on stimulated your inner Goddess and felt simply Divine? What if you were allowed to eat chocolate every day, dance as if nobody were watching, and attract the lover of your dreams?

When you take time to focus on certain aspects of your energy, you will begin to notice you are getting more energy, as well as attracting more positive life force into your body. When you are unaware of the power within you, and slightly disconnected from your radiance, you may be looking outside of yourself for the love that exists within.

Your work today and for the rest of time–is to go within and connect with this natural life force energy that is always available to you. The feminine intuition within is filled with swirling, dancing, creative, pleasurable vibrations. As you connect with the feminine energy within you, you develop the ability to use your creativity in all areas of your life, including your work, relationships, spirituality, nest you are creating and heart.

You can call on the Goddess energy to heal any of these aspects of your life. You can also invoke women whom you know or have crossed paths with who represent strength, courage =, power and wisdom, or those qualities you will like to honor and claim as your inner Goddess.

Another great factor in feminine energy is intuition, which is considered as the strongest strengths. The word intuition has been defined by the researchers as our brain’s capacity to draw on internal and external prompts in making quick, at the time choices, particularly in high stress situations.Often occurring outside of our conscious awareness, intuition relies on our brain’s ability to instantaneously evaluate both internal and external cues, and make a decision based on what appears to be pure instinct.

So, in order to gain feminine energy creates radiance by honoring the feminine within you and sharing you with the world. Your unique radiance is necessary to the evolution of the goodness! Surround yourself with goddesses who support your process. Especially as you move forward, the women who nurture your soul. And allow your focus to be on the qualities within that inspire you!

Affirmations to Cultivate Feminine Energy

l  When you see or become a victim of sexual harassment, DON’T IGNORE IT, DON’T PRETEND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Every action you take against this behavior means it is less likely to be repeated (against you or anyone else).You have a responsibility to yourself to see that you are treated with respect in the job search and the workplace.Let go of self-imposed restrictions to move forward.Find ways to overcome discomfort with a body and appreciate individual beauty.

Steps to activate your feminine power

l  Notice where you are giving your power away. 

Be real and honest with yourself. You have to be able to admit where you are playing small. Or trying to play big, hard or rigid and take full responsibility for it. The truth is aggression is not femininity and on a woman, it looks and feels really bad. Before you can embrace your femininity, you want to notice where you are not being yourself. You know where it is… deep down inside. Write those down.

l  Energy Healing!

It may be time to heal the beliefs and pains around the behaviors. That are keeping you from knowing yourself more; from expanding your heart more; from being your soft, magnificent, beautiful self! If there is struggle in your life, you’re noticing negative patterns. Or you are just feeling bad, it is time to do some healing work. You can practice meditation, writing in a journal and energy healing. Focus on energy healing whatever comes up.

l  Make a decision to start practicing the divine art of femininity

Set a boundary and know that you are showing yourself you love yourself and you matter. Eliminate what may be draining you. Focus on something you find beautiful about yourself. Your feminine energy lies in what we call the subconscious. So it’s the right time to awaken them and become more integrated in who you really are.As life will be hard, there will be trials but that will only make you stronger by accepting yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you. Remember, difficulties in your life don’t come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential.

feminine energy power

feminine energy with intuitive power

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