Eight of Wands – Minor Arcana

eight of wands

eight of wands

The Eight of Wands brings Speed – Action – and Movement. Your life is about to take off.   There won’t be a spare or dull moment as your life is going to be full of places to go, people to see and things to do. Quick action and quick decisions may be asked of you too so you will need to think on your feet and on the run.  When the energy of this Eight is around, you manage to remain on top of things with little stress.

The Eight of Wands can herald a period of  great activity with phones ringing non-stop. email inbox overflowing and faxes spitting out one after another. They are all bound to contain or carry exciting news and keep you on the go. Something really interesting must be going on to create all this mad rush.  Life is surely good when the Eight of Wands is around and it will take you out of any slow place you might be in.

The Eight of Wands, allows you to finally draw a line under any unfinished business.  It might feel a bit like clearing your desk of any outstanding work before leaving for a two-week vacation. Clear desk, clear mind.

In a tarot reading this card predicts having a great time partying and socializing. This is a time for looking good and feeling fantastic.


The Eight of Wands often suggests travel in connection with work and your work schedule is very hectic and busy.  Your job requires you to be able to multi-task.  This is a high-energy work environment where there is much activity and certainly a lot of travelling involved.  Travel does not have to be long distance but you are bound to be out and about for appointments, presentations and meetings.  This Card also suggests a very competitive work environment or working with very evenly matched professional ambitious people.

Your career is beginning to take off. Or your business is taking off! You may have done something recently which has facilitated or triggered your sudden meteoric rise.


Your relationship will be intense, passionate and full of social activities. Your feet will barely touch the ground. Unable to get through an hour without seeing or hearing from each other. There will be mad texting, marathon phone calls and staying out all night. You just can’t get enough of each other right now.  You will not only look stunning but feel it too, putting a glide in your stride and a pep in your step.  This relationship will move fast, traveling and getting very exciting.

As this Card associates with travel then it may highlight holiday romances or someone you meet while traveling. As a couple, the Eight of Wands indicates a strong, healthy, positive and high-energy relationship where both partners share the same goals yet manage to retain their independence.  As a couple, you may decide to travel the world or re-locate. If you have been single for some time, then you will find yourself suddenly in big demand.


Hard Work Paying Off , Completion, Conclusion, Solutions, Results, Hitting The Target, Taking Off, Speed, Action, Movement, Activity, Haste, Hurry,  Rush, Race, Momentum, Energy, Busy, Activity, Get Going, Goals Realized, Freedom, Exciting News, Thumbs Up, Fame.

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