Eight of Cups – Minor Arcana

eight of cups

eight of cups

The Eight of Cups in a tarot reading means that you have lost interest in something in your life that once was important.  This Card teaches us the lesson of Impermanence and it is often a tough one to accept.  We think we know what we want and what will make us happy.  We then go out and try to get it.  Then we try to hold onto it. We expect things, people, life and situations always to stay the same but it is like trying to hold water in your hands.   When we lose interest in something or in life, our energy levels drop, emotionally we feel down, psychologically we feel negative and spiritually we feel lost.

The Eight of Cups suggests the possibility of having to leave a job – career – partner – family – home or country to find what you are looking for. If you have lost interest – then let go – say goodbye and move on. The Eight of Cups, acts as a ‘wake up call’, throwing the spotlight on you and shaking you out of your slumber.

The Eight of Cups can appear when you realize that something is missing in your life. You may have lost something or someone of dear value to you.

In a tarot reading interpretation the Eight of Cups predicts a major transformation can occur with the potential for real happiness.


If we found the Eight of Cups in a Business related question, you may be in a business that is no longer working. You might find it all a bit draining. Your business has not brought you the happiness it once did but you struggle on relentlessly; you may just walk away from your business, leaving debts and staff unpaid.

Relocating – travelling abroad – the Eight of Cups is strongly linked to abandonment or fear of it.

Career wise, The Eight of Cups can suggest walking away from an unfulfilling job or career.


He left… It may be that his feelings have changed towards you with no third person involved at all. Finding the emotional strength to acknowledge that your relationship is over is not easy, but do you really want someone who no longer loves you to stay, just to save you from the upset and upheaval of it all?

The Eight of Cups is also strongly linked to abandonment or fear of it. This can cause serious problems in relationships. You may have a fear of being abandoned especially if you have a history of it from childhood or an early relationship. This can have a negative effect causing you to be needy, suspicious and fearful in relationships. You may not trust your partner.


In a psychic tarot reading several meanings can be applied:  Finished, Over, Walking Away, Moving On, Letting Go, Had Enough, Turning your Back on The Past, End of a Cycle, Wake Up Call, Soul Searching, Quest, Exploring, Loss of Interest, Moving On, Leaving Emotional Baggage Behind, Leaving a Bad Situation, Withdrawing, Retreating, Abandonment, Separation, Exhaustion, Taking a Break.

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