divine soul

divine soul

Increased knowledge in divine matters creates a deep sense of passion and personal delight, possibly because of the intimate nature of divinity or probably because of the infinity in divinity. Divine soul is an aspect of every individual, an essence that goes beyond the human reproach and way that is outside the league of ego-intellect that is the most commonly relied upon and applied by the western societies. This is the part of an individual that is all knowing as it knows the present and the past, both which is remembered and forgotten. Given the meaning of soul, divine soul is the aspect of a person that has the closest link to the original creation and the source of a human being that is maintained through the vibration of life and divine love.

Divine soul is the essence of life, the gateway to living, the spiritual wellness  and the drive for day to day living. The nature of divine soul therefore determines mood, happiness, drive to living, and the energy required to see you through each single day. To a more broader and purposive oriented perspective, divine soul is the determinant of the status and condition of the physical body and the well from which the spirit draws from. It will be interesting to note that, the divine soul has healing power to the physical body, and this happens through drawing on energy from the source, an event that happens through the all powerful subconscious. While divine soul is the path, the subconscious is the gateway.

To signify the power of the subconscious, one of the examples is the understanding that the subconscious never sleeps. When you sleep and are having dreams, it is the subconscious at work. That said, how can make use of the divine soul? Well, the best thing is to nature it for more and better enhanced living. What does thing mean, you need to embrace and practice such elements like unqualified love for everyone, peace not only within but also without, and the variety of other elements that are taught through religious groups. The divine soul works through a give-to-receive platform through which for one to receive, they have to give. It is therefore striking to note that, religion and spirituality play crucial role in nurturing divine soul, hence the often confused relationship between the two.

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