The Holiday blues and how to handle them

Holiday blues and how to handle them without stress

Holiday Blues and How to Handle Them without Stress

The holidays season of which there are many are a time of festive joy, of families gathering together to celebrate, share their gifts with each other but also their experiences in the year past and hopes for the one just around the corner. Still, not everything is always nearly as idyllic. No matter whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa‎, Yule or another holiday altogether, the pressure can get high and the need to perform to the best of your abilities becomes ever-present.

Needless to say,

Most of us will occasionally become unable to cope, and suddenly develop a wish to move to Africa and take care of orphaned baby elephants instead. It couldn’t possibly be more difficult to do so than to get all the dinner(s) ready, attend all the parties, get all the presents, decorate the tree, shovel the snow, make sure the kids are enjoying their time off from school through and through, and still stay on top of everyday chores that remain there no matter the time of year, no matter whether you feel like doing them or not.

In such circumstances,

Most of us are in desperate need to get our heads back in place and find our spiritual core in order to be the best versions of ourselves, both for the sake of others and for our own sake. So how do we get rid of these holiday blues? There are a few methods that might do the trick.

1 Take a deep breath

The holiday season tends to be the rush hour for our entire system which can easily go into overdrive or, worse still, begin to shut down. In case of such s situation, the first potential solution we can resort to is stepping outside of the role assigned to us by the circumstances, outside of our own mind, our own perspective, allow our nurturing and giving side to take a back seat or at least redirect it towards ourselves instead of constantly focusing on others.

Devote more time to your own needs, take a deep breath – meditate, pray, focus on mindfulness exercises, practice forgiveness – do whatever suits you best but have a portion of your schedule carved out for some alone time during which you will be able to recharge your batteries and truly be yourself.

2 Get a psychic tarot reading

Consulting a truly gifted tarot reader can be fun as well as extremely informative, giving you an outline of what awaits you in the New year. If the prognosis is good, you will have a something to look forward to and an idea that will motivate you to continue forward and keep your eye on the prize.

If, on the other hand, the cards present the image of a road with a few bumps scattered here and there, you can use such insight as a warning of what you need to look out for and how to best go about removing obstacles that may present themselves. Usually, you can inquire on just about any topic you like, including love, career, past lives etc. Having your cards read can thus become an interesting as well as deeply spiritual and enlightening experience.

3 Learn a new divination method yourself

What if you’ve already tried the idea of getting a tarot reading, thoroughly enjoyed the experience but are now left hungry for more? Do you wish to know how it is done, what are the ins and outs of it – how to be able to see in the cards more than the mere images they represent? Do you perhaps want to be able to do it yourself, just as well as a professional?

No matter whether you are a complete novice or already know a divination method or too, learning a new one could be a fun distraction from the stress of the season as well as a useful skill to have, both as a party trick and a deeply enlightening means of spiritual growth and self-reflection.

The choices are endless – Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, Runes, pendulum dowsing, crystal ball gazing, tea leaves reading etc. Distract yourself from the daily grind, do a bit of research, see which method would work best for you and – have fun with it!


4 Spend some time in nature

Most of us tend to live in urban or semi-urban environments which are not fully in sync with the needs of the human soul. Our innermost being requires the energy of Mother Nature not just to survive but to thrive. With this in mind, spending some time outdoors, in the woods, by the sea, will prove beneficial to all, especially those whose spirituality is closely tied to the Earth.

This will allow you to reconnect with your true self and feel at home, truly at home, like you are one with nature itself. This is a method of recharging your batteries arguably better than any out there.

5 Panic healing

Sometimes, the stress of the holiday season can get so high that our entire system goes into panic mode. Every problem suddenly seems bigger, every person is out to get us, even if it isn’t really so. In such cases, our exhausted mind may require a bit of help in order to calm down and be less susceptible to such attacks. With a helping hand of an understanding healer and practitioner, this can be a liberating experience and prevent future panic episodes from happening.

6 Energy healing

Focusing too much on the needs of others and too little on those of our own, we risk exhaustion and a whole other number of potential health hazards. It is important to detect the warning signs as early as possible and work on restoring your balance to its optimal state. Whether its through balancing your chakras, booking a session of theta healing, perhaps reiki or any other method that you wish to employ – listen to your body, accept help, and restore your inner peace. Your future self will be grateful for it.

Focus on things that matter. Give as much love and attention as you want to those you care for the most but don’t forget yourself. Only if you are truly happy and comfortable in your own skin can you continue to be the loving parent, child, friend and companion that you always aim to be. Oh, and of course – Happy Holidays!

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