Clairaudient – talk to me!

clairaudient - talk to me

clair-audience- talk to me

Clair-audience – Talk to me, let me speak it out for you!

Communication…do you really understand the meaning and power of this word? For communication to happen; there has to be two or more entities that are talking through the various ways, then both creating a common understanding. Therefore, for communication to happen, it has to be preceded by two very crucial events; talking and understanding.

In the physic world, communication refers to the AIR element, and is the single most important tool that functions to bridge you and the psychic reader. Simply said – YOU HAVE TO TALK – otherwise it will be impossible to get the help you need. In the field of psychic reading and psychology – this tool is known as clairaudience.  This phenomena is measured by the quantum frequency of energy waves.

Clairaudience is known as clear hearing. Yes, the type of hearing that makes you hear your name being called out when there is nobody around you, the type of hearing that makes you hear voices when they are all alone. Many people have been branded insane by publicly and at an instant exhibiting clairaudience therefore, in case you happen to gain this unique power, which is possible for everybody, be cautions least you end up in a mental hospital.

So, what exactly is clairaudience and is it a bad thing? It is no doubt that everybody experienced a “self-conversation” time; a time when there seems to be a person talking from the outside but not physically identifiable. Well, the truth is that voice or voices are talking from within your body. and they relate to the quantum state of consciousness. These voices are in a way or the other guiding and steering your life for the realization of your tomorrow. These voices have major stakes in the choices you make.

Clairaudient – Talk to me, let me speak it out for you!

Normally, clairaudience has been referred to as telepathy. Well it is not far from the truth because the spirit world talks through telepathy and so do spirit talk to the living. This explains why at times, you might be hearing things that are actually not there. Whenever you experience these Clair’s, it is a spirit that is trying to talk with you through feeling, objects, pictures, etc.

So, how can clairaudience be put into productive use? First, clairaudience comes in handy when you are seeking help from a psychic reader. In most cases, you have to express yourself and communicate with the psychic reader for them you understand and connect with your spiritual guides and understand what they are trying to tell you. For example, spirit messages have been largely described as “dreams”. If you are seeking the help of a psychic reader to interpret the “dream” then you have to talk with the reader for them to help you. It is understandable that some issues might be tough to deal with, but if keeping quiet will not be useful.

Therefore, the next time you contact a psychic reader and need more info or decoding of your Clair’s, then don’t just keep quiet, talk. Remote healing may be done through the sound of your voice.

Clairaudient – Talk to me, let me speak it out for you!

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