Boost your frequency with intuitive counseling!

boost your frequency with intuitive counseling

boost your frequency with intuitive counseling

You do not have to be a musician to play an instrument – it’s all in your mind. You never know what combination of tones will increase your vibrations – but in order to find out – start combining different notes or sounds – imagine a fusion of salsa – cha-cha and tango! Allow the thrum of a guitar, the pounding of the bass and the notes of the piano to move through you. Try a wide variety of music, even tunes or genres you normally don’t listen to. With Intuitive counseling you can create the new sounds in your mind; let them be part of your creativity and imaginary quest.  Finally let them penetrate your soul. You will feel a tremendous sense of spiritual healing begin to take form.

 Boost Your Frequency with Music!

Beethoven was deaf and finally became dumb, yet he created the most wonderful music out of his imagination. When he wrote for the piano, he became obsessed with being able to feel the vibrations, so he created lots of trills – the fast repeated notes next to each other. He also used long stretches of pedal to create huge vibrations of sound as well as extreme registers, very high up and low down notes.  When he felt in love, in his silent dumbness, he wrote a romantic solo for piano the great master piece “For Elise”

Don’t pretend to be a genius like Beethoven, but, similar to him, you can increase your spiritual frequency and boost your vibrations using the cheapest tool: your imagination, guided by the help of intuitive counseling.        Do you dream to becoming a rock star? An intuitive counselor will help you to imagine yourself being a celebrity pop star? Every dream you have is achievable when you set your mind to it and work diligently towards it. Turn your mind on to increase spiritual frequency. Boost your vibrations by raising your consciousness to the I-can-do-this level. It’s all in your mind.

Dreaming with Music will touch the chords of your soul. It can bring you to higher levels of awareness which create great spiritual healing within you. Instead of lying dormant, why not give your vibrations a boost? You will be astounded at the physical, mental, and spiritual increase that music provides to bring you to that higher state of consciousness you have been searching for.


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