Aquarius mind-shift – The millennials


aquarius mind shift

Changes are necessary and constant in the life cycle above and beyond the universe. Aquarius mind-shift brought the new people, the millennials.  Switching of ages gave big challenges to people constituted and involved in it. Entering the New Ages revolutionize the human knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge revolution affects the development of the state of consciousness of an individual, shifting its system to a new, advance and unusual things. Continuous learning, searching for new techniques in learning and opening for new belief systems is inevitable for Aquarius. Today we are in the quantum state of consciousness.

Looking back a century ago, our learning systems are limited to analytical, academics and linear. They often believe in academic teaching as facts and do not consider the mysteries behind the spiritual world. Believing in the existence of a spiritual world, psychic power and extraordinary experiences are irrelevant and unnecessary for people living in this era. There are always accurate, factual answers for all the events happening in the surroundings. This can be answered scientifically and mathematically.

Today, as observing the people in the new age, as Aquarians, or millenials, the changes are visible nakedly. This change does not come in a glance and it does not influence by one person. Since this is the power that every human have. The unexplained human power is known as Mind power. The switching of Ages energizes the intergalactic forces to influence the attractions of genetics movements to human brains. The movement promotes the shifting of the ideology of a person and creates new beliefs.

The shifting of human mind gave them the enthusiast for more learning, open for new ideas, and willing to create new inventions. The creativity and imagination produce interactive teaching and learning methodologies. Freedom of expression is now a common habit that exercises the connection between inner and outer being to gain balance energy. The beliefs are broad, mindfulness and healing arts are nonlinear and holistic modalities that accepts the communication and interaction with the mortal and immortal being.

The manifestations of this mind shifting are the development of high technological gadgets. They can use for gaming, transportation and communication that provides information all over the world; the advancement in psycho-physical studies to gain knowledge and explanation of human behavior, animal behavior and galactic behavior; and the evolution of holistic and intuitive strategies for energy balancing to help solving health issues alternatively to the synthetic medication.

The mind shifting is also noticeable in political aspect. The humanitarianism arouses with consciousness awareness in the heart of most people. Leaders are now trying to create bills and laws that give equality and justification regardless of races – gender – religious denomination and ages. Helping each other to fight for contagious diseases, giving new home for the victims of warfares. Respecting different beliefs and tradition, and abolishing the long time racist system to build one world of freedom. Correcting some errors made from the past and cleansing the soul towards the future of humanity.

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