King of Cups  – Court Card Ruled by Scorpio



These are mature males – gentlemen from 25 to 60 years old

The King of Cups sits on his throne on a grey stone block, calmly in the midst of a turbulent sea and wears a necklace with a fish amulet. The fish is the symbol of spirit and creativity and represents the balance of the unconscious with the conscious. Behind him on his right, another fish jumps wildly from the tumultuous ocean, and, on his left, a ship sails steadily in the choppy ocean. Yet it remains within his power and does not overwhelm him.

The King of Cups does not repress his emotions and unconscious impulses but has learned to accept and deal with them in a mature and balanced manner.

The King of Cups has a deep knowledge of the world that comes from the heart. He is a teacher and way-shower who guides his students with loving attention. And, he cares about others sincerely and always responds to their needs with compassion. He is calm and relaxed in all situations, seeming to know intuitively what is called for at any moment. Others turn to him for advice because they know he will listen attentively. He is tolerant of all points of view and shows patience in the most trying circumstances. The King of Cups will respond calmly in a crisis, using diplomacy rather than force, reaching out to help, or accepting a different point of view, with tolerance and understanding


This boss is a real team worker, very supportive and understanding. He is a coach in constant training- Intuitive advisor – therapist.


Loving and caring – taking care of the household better than a female – romantic nature.


Compassionate and empathic personality.

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