Love is in the AIR – part1

Love is in the Air – part1 Throughout millennia-long history, love has been one of the main concerns of humans. No other emotion or activity brings more pleasure but, at the same time, no other can bring about more pain than romance. Men and women have spent countless hours in r

Relationship Belief System

 Relationship Belief System Gender – Relationship Belief System  Our gender is an integral part of our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and psychic being. As soon as we are born, our parents proudly proclaim us a girl or a boy and we are immediately directed one way

Do You Need a Spiritual Life Coach?

Do you need a spiritual life-coach?   More often than not, we either choose to or are made to walk through life on our own. Even when surrounded by friends and family, it often feels as if we were somewhat isolated and made to face our demons with no one to give us a helping hand

Mother is your Intuitive Counselor, because Mother is your psychic!

Mother is your Intuitive Counselor, because your Mother is psychic! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY ON MAY 13TH. Happy Mother’s Day! It is a well-known fact that a mother’s love is something that you cannot replicate nor compensate for through anything else in the world. A matern


WHY DO YOU NEED A PSYCHIC READING? Why do you need a psychic reading? Psychic reading is an inclusive effort to determine information by employing heightened insightful capabilities, or natural expansions to the basic human senses of sound, taste, touch, instinct, and sight. These ext

Psychic Misunderstanding

Psychic Misunderstanding Nowadays SMI bombard people with a great variety of informational topics.  More often than not these topics are unrelated to the field of their expertise. Thus, an average person has a great difficulty processing and classifying this informational flood. This

Psychic Counselor

Psychic counselors conduct themselves accordingly. They do not claim that they can solve all your problems. They do not claim they can change your life for good – or make outrageous claims if you will pay them exorbitant amounts of money. Professional tarot readers generally hav