planetary healing crisis

planetary healing crisis

It is a cause for worry that almost every part of the world today is experiencing wars or a political crisis. It is also frightening that currently, the world is witnessing some of the highly intensive crisis which includes civil wars for the case of Syria to ideologically oriented crisis for example, The Islamic State. The nature of the wars is of no consequential meaning, the primary concern is how this can come to an end. Whether or not the wars come to an end is also of little significance compared to the ability to prevent future wars. How can these two crucial aspects be achieved? The answer lies with healing.

Many have attributed the current wars and political crisis to increased intolerance. This is a sign that the planet and its people are experiencing a deficiency in healing. Healing in this case is in line with the medical healing – but on a different metric. Healing is the ability of the soul – the spirit and the mind to take in and come to a point of understanding that there is better and more useful ways to resolve differences rather than through the barrel of the gun, beheadings and explosions.

The state of the planet earth and human life can be described as a show of a paradigm shift at the personal and societal level. The energy of the planet is described as the sum total of each of an individual’s energy. Therefore, the wars and political crisis being casino witnessed is a show that, the major breakdown is at the individual level. It all takes and individual to start a war either through an idea or through an act of war. For the majority of these situations, the causal element is the inability to accommodate others be it by the aggressor or the aggrieved.

That said how can this warring situation be corrected and avoided in the future?

The solution comes through better and more healing. In this case, healing should be at the spiritual level. It is a fact that all conditions and situations can be healed through spiritual healing. Spiritual healing in the context of the New Age is defined as the body and the soul. When the soul is healed, the fruits are manifested through the body through such things like happiness, delight, and better health. The god thing about spiritual healing is that it is contagious. A single spiritually healed person is able to pass it to those around him or her.

How can spiritual healing be translated to heal the planet and bring to an end the current wars in the world? As it has been stated above, spiritual healing is contagious and also, the energy in the planet is a sum total of each of the personal energies therefore; a single person who has undergone spiritual healing is able to pass it over to those around him or her and with everyone spiritually healed, planetary healing will also be realized.

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