The Tower #16 tarot reading interpretation

The Tower #16 tarot reading interpretation

Associated with the element Fire, # 16 – Sign Aries – Planet Mars

 The Tower # 16 tarot reading interpretation is the energy of war, aggression, and self-defense. As we can see the tower is under assault from all four elements: a fiery lightning strike his peak, winds and clouds in the air, the earthquakes and a raging see breaks its foundations. This image shows a quick sudden burst of energy and power. The Tower # 16  tarot reading interpretation is one of  unpredictable – dramatic and swift change.

In psychology, The Tower symbolizes the EGO, that needs to collapse to change a belief system, opinions, judgments and more. Ultimately The Tower experience is one of purification but first needs to be destroyed.

In medicine, Mars presides over blood and the male sex organs. It traditionally associates with fever, accidents, trauma, pain and surgery.

Keywords to apply in a psychic reading:

Meanings: The Tower # 16  tarot reading interpretation is one of a collapse of a structure that is needed to achieve a major transformation; it’s an unavoidable change. This also represents the elimination of ideas, illusions and dreams that are worthless.  The change has happened and thinks will never be the same.
Keywords: Chaos, Catastrophe, Failure to live up to expectations, The collapse of a structure.
Challenges: Separation, Divorce, Fatality, Inability to change, Mental rigidity.


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