The Spiritual Body as seen by a Psychic Healer

In the last 2.500 years, humanity lived during the Piscean Age – where people spent their entire life working primarily on the physical and emotional body.   Pisces is ruled by the element water and our body is 80% liquid.  Emotions are ruled by the water element.

Now we are entering the Aquarian Age – where the AIR element rules our breathing which nurtures our mind.  The mind is the home of the spiritual body.   We must calm our mind.  Our mind is suffering from constant bombardment of information and advertisements. We need to give “peace of mind” to our spirits so that we can enter a new body:  the spiritual body.

the spiritual body as seen by a psychic healer

the spiritual body as seen by a psychic healer

How to do it?  Here is the answer with four simple steps, if you can’t succeed alone ask a Psychic Healer for help.

We are controlled by incessant thoughts, thinking and worrying about many things that are unnecessary and not always true.

By sitting still and in silence, you realize how many common distractions compete for your attention, including sleepiness, doubt, or restlessness.  These distractions will never let up unless you discipline your mind and let them go.

  1. Being aware of distractions is the first step to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.
  1. Breathing is a meditative state to focus in the present moment, without thinking.
  1. Once you are able to calm and regulate your breath, meditation comes easier.
  1. Focus on taking deep, even breaths so you will give yourself permission to improve your ability to concentrate and relax.

Distractions will always come, what is important is to feel them so that you can release them.  Do not get frustrated if you are distracted by outside forces.  Try to release them with each exhale.

It’s only BREATHING that you can RELAX, and allow yourself to explore deep inside feeling and emotions.  While breathing you guide your brain and body to MEDITATION.

The easiest way to start Meditation might be different to everyone, some will need more time and

practice.  Follow these three easy steps:

  • Place yourself in a comfortable chair or just lay down.
  • Count your breaths up to five and over again.  Keep repeating this procedure for fifteen minutes.
  • Breathing rhythmically on inhaling in positivity and exhaling in negativity.

There is no school or belief that shows the “right” way to breathe.  It is different for every one of us.

Both physical and meditational programs in many ways are quite similar, both require repetition and hard work.  The more you practice the better you will do it.  Everything you want to achieve takes long hard practice.

To perceive the spiritual body you will need to relate to the element AIR and practice breathing – meditation.  Meditation is a simple way to “achieve enlightenment.”  You don’t need a master’s degree or ask for financial aid to achieve this, just ask a psychic healer for help.

This practice will bring strong serenity and inner peace, facilitating the personality reorganization, which is part of our slow, endless growth to real maturity.

Buddha’s Meditation started five hundred years before Jesus was born in ancient India. The Indian king had a son, named Siddhartha, who refused to follow the dynasty of his ancestors.  His desire was to defeat poverty and suffering of his people.  Through a breathing technique of inner contemplation with in and out breaths he discovered a spiritual conscious way of relaxing the mind without sensual indulgence.  Siddhartha achieved enlightenment and was able to defeat suffering, poverty and infirmity.


With this technique you will replace negative self-talk  healing your thoughts and bring positive affirmations into your life so that your spiritual body will start rising.

 Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

Bea Kobran

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