soul economics

soul economics

The soul is valuable to human that requires fostering and nurturing to attain maturity, prosperity and divinity. 

Caring for soul needs to have keen observation of detailed conditions in life. Simple activities or things can be a contributing factor to the condition of one’s soul.  Ignorance blinded a person that small activities and/or item may distract his soul and set it into disturbances.

Disturbances are difficult to recognize to the patients with chronic soul problem.   The best approach is to distinguish its root-cause to come up with proper remedy.  The disturbances may emerge from work, money, failures and creativity.  Daily routines at home is different from work.  The aura of a person’s soul can be felt around his home.  It is the dwelling place of the tired, happy, lonely and angry soul.  Sounds traditional, but it is true.   Cleaning the house is a therapeutic and release some stress unlike working outside.

Work is a form of activity of mankind with passion and art, whether for profit or non-profit cause.   Home chores are counted as work.  Religiously, this can be for humanitarian and spiritual deeds.  It is essential to the spiritual life and investing towards holiness.  In a modern day, it is known as “occupation”.  It is a vocation, it occupies our time and earn.  Work is done in sustaining the needs of every man.  It is like a relationship between a man and a woman.  The soul that binds them to work harmoniously.  It gives challenges, excitement, comfort and fulfillment in life.  Working with passion is putting a soul and an art to the performance produces high quality and effectiveness of the outcomes.   If the work doesn’t give the feeling of excitement or happiness, it probably means, there is an absence of soul.  Exercising functions without concerning to the soul of labor weakens the soul, the quality of work is substandard.

In alchemy, working for the soul stuff naturally, is called “Opus”, means “the work”.  We are working in soul matters. Unknowingly, we are laboring for nurturing our own soul to craft our own being.  Work is our reflection, if we neglect our soul and it suffers, the result is negative for us.  If this happen, it is better to discover your soul to the right work.  Finding the right work or job will give your soul satisfaction.  The feeling of love, passion, creativity, involvement, and loyalty will arise within you.

In relation to work, money also affects the narcissism towards work.  Money plays important role in human history.  Money is the coinage that circulates in the community in exchange for products and services.  It carries the soul of community life.  It can be used for good or bad deeds in society.  If it is used in bad deeds, it can be considered as a disease.  Lust for money gives difficulty to the soul that is hard to control.  If this desire for money does not evade, it will become powerful  to the soul.

Intense desire for money may be a result of two problems in life, wealth and poverty. Mismanagement of wealth can contribute in fear to be suffering literal poverty.  Money is a great defense for poverty, to continue to live, most men strived for it.  As we strive for it, the more we cannot feel the contentment. It pollutes the soul, and the desire will increase.  People will tend to work without payment.  Corruption is the poverty of the individual soul.  Having millions of money doesn’t mean you are wealthy and happy.

Then, Failures in work can be treated as positive or negative in every man’s view.   This is the outcome of all effort exerted to a certain work in a high expectation.  It can drive us down or can bring strong hold to our soul.  Failure is part of our life that balances the ego or pride in our soul.   It teaches us our limitations and mistakes in life.  It gives meaning to our existence, humble ourselves and be faithful to the Creator.  We know that failure will lead us to our future success as long as we acknowledge it.  But if it is taken in negative form, failure will disconnect to the flow of success.  Misfortune, unhappiness, and inferiority will take place.

Lastly, Creativity with soul is creating something in life for the soul. This is what abundance is all about.  This is establishing and shaping the soul from experiences.  This can also be mean by installing emotions and feelings to the inner being.  Creativity can be inspirational but it can also be a failure.   It always has a soul, whether it is in the form of art, things, culture, or attitude.  Engaging the soul from the detailed condition in life will follow to satisfaction to work, without the desire of material things and doubts to failures and faith.

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