Self healing power

Self healing power

   Self Healing Power
Self-healing means that you, yourself, can help your own body and mind balance and health. The energy work of self-healing is still relatively unknown in our Western culture, where the power of mind is still not as recognized as it should be.
The culture of self-healing was used thousands of years ago by the Chinese, the indigenous people, Indians, and many more who were trained to use altered states of consciousness.
These old secrets have been practiced by masters, shamans, healers, witches and others who passed their knowledge to only one or two disciples in their lifetime. Nonetheless, nowadays the knowledge and old wisdom is back in our memory, able to be presented to the whole world. The time has come to spread and share the knowledge to all.
 Heal yourself with Spiritual Energy 

Your physical and mental body have an inner capacity to heal; you will recover much faster if you activate this spiritual energy.  Physical pain and emotional imbalance are major victims of the lack of spiritual direction.  This does not relate to any religion

Hundreds of new techniques are available to us; all of them stimulate the cellular vibration and promote the “chi” energy or “life force” to our physical and mental body. This acceleration of the “chi”, for example, helps to remove energy blockages which then strengthens the immune system, thereby improving the quality of life, making it longer and better.

It”s All in Your Mind

Many healing disciplines are available, Qigong – Tai-Chi – Meditation – Yoga – Crystal energy – Buddhism  and more. Go ahead – take that step forward for your well-being physically and mentally and immediately start applying the self-healing power
All healing arts are good to empower your energy fields.

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