Valentine’s Day is a Celebration of Us

 Become romantic towards yourself and find beauty within


As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are reminded of what love truly is. We see love as a gift which we give to one another. However, love needs to be seen as a gift we also give to ourselves.

How can we love others if we do not love ourselves? In celebration of Valentine’s Day, let us take time to reflect upon us and give the gift of kindness, being good towards oneself. Do something special, out of the ordinary, for Valentine’s Day:

love energy, the greatest healer

love energy, the greatest healer

  • Go to a movie
  • Read a good book
  • Call an old friend or make a new friend!
  • Give to yourself a moment of still relaxation
  • Open your heart chakra and forgive yourself for any erratic behavior and going forth with an effort to act in a better way. In love we give selflessly to someone else. We can give to ourselves—agree to no self-condemnation, only to making a valiant effort towards improvement.
  • Contrary to what we have heard, love is not blind. It sees well into the future. Sometimes it does not wish to acknowledge what it sees but the awareness is still there. The Fastest Way To End Digestive Pain Foreverlarly, we need not be blind to our own shortcomings, but love ourselves for them nonetheless.

Whether you see it in the romantic sense, or in a personal and individualized manner, love is a celebration of life whereby we are given gifts daily, not only on Valentine’s Day, and we are able to find beauty not only in our mate, but also within ourselves.

love energy, the greatest healer

love energy, the greatest healer

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