Healing with Light

healing with light

healing with light

Why is it that we are constantly connected to others but never to ourselves?

Your light can shine at its fullest brightness, but first you have to turn on the light. Your light is your greatest healer, enabling you to feel at your optimal level.

How to Turn On Your Own Light:

  • Turn off all the communication tools around you.
  • Practice sitting still so that your attention can be turned within.

Take a deep breath, drawing your attention inward to your heart, to the central core of who you are, and allow yourself to really feel and connect into that place in consciousness. As you do, you may feel a warm expansive energy in the heart chakra area.

Move your sensory receptors of sight, hearing, sound, taste, smell and beyond into that place of your heart and into the bright green color (heart chakra) so you can live and experience life from that sacred place. As you do so, you will start connecting with light, very bright and yellow in color in the beginning, turning into pearly white afterwards.

Connect with the Light of Who You Are

Start to scan your light-body and see if the brightness is equal in all areas of your light-body. Does it feel that the light is shining brightly in all areas, or do you see some areas that might look as if the light were turned down low, or maybe even off?

Ascend To Connect With Your Inner Self

 Without projecting any thoughts into it, if you see darker areas, take a relaxed deep breath and, as you do, see the light expanding into those darker areas. Keep working with each of those darker areas if you see any.  Continue emanating the white pearly light color from your heart which you will visualize turning into a gold color, and, finally the light of your energy-body will turn brilliant white to flow in all directions of your physical body.

Healing with Light – It’s All in Your Mind

This experience enables you to transcend the limitations of the physical body, and allows you to enhance

the reality of living beyond the five senses. It allows you to move closer to that experience of oneness which is lived through the heart and the light-bodies.

healing yourself with light

healing yourself with light

Healing with light brings the reality of living beyond the five senses. It allows you to move closer to that experience of oneness which is lived through the heart and the light-bodies to proceed with metaphysical healing.

Take a deep breath and feel the light, the light of which you are, and feel the joy in that expansiveness.

You have already begun the healing process while scanning your physical body with the pure white light shining brightly.

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