Healing Thoughts and Believes

During the last two millenniums, humankind has been indoctrinated to experience reality and acquire tangible information through the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Healing Thoughts and Believes

Healing Thoughts and Believes

Thoughts and believes were not considered to be good unless they obey religious doctrines of church or religion. 

Over time, some scientists have acknowledged the existence of the metaphysical realm beyond the five senses as part of reality not attached to religion.  Increasingly, diverse ways of “knowing” and “being” have emerged, including meditation, hypnosis, visionary trance, channeling, soul traveling, remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy, true ecstasy and more.

Healing Thoughts

Healing Thoughts

 “Skeptics’” become “believers” only in excessive, incredibly stressful situations.  After a terrible car accident, they start to pass away, but come back; at the death bed of a loved one and hearing that dying person’s voice or later feeling his/her presence after passing. 

Healing techniques, unexplainable through science, has been applied by many in remote areas and old wisdom cultures for thousands of years.  The Shamans in South America, North American Indians, tribal African rituals, the Indu practice of Zen, Brazilian Afro-Spirit-as.  Despite the successes in such healing, many scientists still dismiss them.  These healers long time ago believed beyond our five senses before surviving a car accident first.  Yet, scientists dismiss them.  So, we are the crazy ones?

How do you access knowledge and well-being beyond your five senses?

Recycle your thoughts and believes.

The answer is to have a spiritual opening to consciousness at the point of “energy” or thought (before “matter” comes “energy”, as in quantum physics).  Start by developing your psychic ability—everyone is born with this capability.  For example you can sense a person is looking at you even if your back to turned to that person (and you cannot “see” that person with your eyes).

Begin to transform!Those who constrain themselves to the material- physiological reality can never aspire to understand the ultimate nature and meaning of the universe.

Emotions and beliefs, play a major part in your health and well-being 

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