The Healing Power of Crystals

Healing Power of Crystals

Healing Power of Crystals

Quartz Crystals are one of the most popular metaphysical tools; they amplify, transform, transmit and store energy

Crystal based technologies are television, radio, watches, computers, satellites’ cell-phones.  Memory microchips are crystals made.

Crystals can increase electrical signals, transform energy to waves, or concentrate energy into a powerful focus.

This powerful ability extends itself not only to science and technology, but also to our human physiology.

The electric energy that vibrates through us – responds to crystals – just as does the electric energy of our technological instruments.

In this way, we can utilize crystals in our personal life to amplify, transform – transmit -focus store and heal our personal energies.


Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

Emotions and thoughts fuel these energies and determine how our spiritual energy vibrates and resonates. Whatever state we are in when we work with crystals will be amplified, whether the state is balanced or imbalanced. Therefore, we need to balance our energy before working with crystals, letting them heal and recycle  our thoughts.

Crystals were utilized to transmit psychic information. The old age archetype of the fortune teller with a crystal ball has its roots in the clairvoyant enhancement that crystal has been known to offer us.

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