Healing Power

the healing power

the healing power

When a disease or any other form of hurt affects people, healing is something they will seek, wish, or pray for. As a result, there are various ways to healing; meditation, prayers, and meditation are the most popular. However, which of the methods are the most effective?

Medication is the most common but not always effective method of healing

Well, medication is the most common method used. Medication involves the use of medicinal substances which have been identified to cause healing. Discomforts that come with illness, for example, pain, require the use of medicines. In addition, quick healing demands medicines. However, do these really deliver full healing or they just deliver the quick fix? Take a painkiller, for example.  The majority of painkiller don’t actually stop the pain.  They simply prevent the sensory system from monitoring and identifying the feeling. Therefore, it is true to say that, painkillers are ineffective and they don’t deliver the actual healing.

How does the natural healing mechanism work?

The creators of the body supplied it with a healing mechanism. For example, what happens when you have a cut? Blood will flow out of the cut, then a clot is formed to close it. Subsequently, with time, new skin cells develop and permanently close the cut. Blood flows and cleans the cut. Then the clot, which forms shortly after it, prevents excessive blood flow and entry of foreign substances. This healing power of the body comes from capabilities within the body.  The creators of the body – hence the source “installed” these capabilities.

What does the Source have to do with it?

The source, in this case, means where you believe the body to have come from.  In short, it is your creator mainly referred to as God or god. Basically, healing, and for that matter, full healing, comes from the source. The source of humankind is capable of healing the body.  The source supplied some of the healing capabilities to the body for maintenance healing.  If a threatening illness assaults the body then the source provides an additional power can.

How does one do this? This can be done through prayer, which connects one to the source. While prayer is a universal word, it means a different thing for different persons depending on the belief they have for their source. It can also be done through meditation.

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