genuine psychic

Genuine psychic

Nowadays psychic field is gaining popularity in everyday life, mainly because of increased understanding of the benefits this field has to offer. As it is in the industry where prominent brands spun imitation, the increased demand in psychic therapy has led to scams artists penetrating the market. While it is true that even professional psychics may not be 100% accurate, the sad truth is there are many fakes in the field who are after swindling your money.

So, how do you avoid scam artists? There are a number of red flags. Below are the things to watch out for.

How to avoid scam psychics

This might sound monotonous and a cliché, but first, check the feedback left by others. Most likely, you are not the first client. This might not be on their website but on other customer-review websites. So, make a basic research online and see what turns up. Social media will come in handy.

Surely they can get rid of negative comments on their own website. Thus, if there are thousands of comments, but there are no follow-up comments, beware.

How genuine psychic is different?

When you get in touch with a genuine psychic – she or he will not only answer your yes or no questions but also provide some in depth details – It is not difficult to guess a yes or no questions – but it’s impossible to guess the specific details of any given issues – let alone an individual’s life.

Be alarmed if they ask too much about your personal life

Most likely, a fake will try to ask you for details about your life. This is a NO go zone. Scam artists will try to milk information from you and then use this information to make their guesses-relevant, thus making cold readings that you are likely to believe. A true reader will tell you much about the issue of your interest without extracting any information from you.

One of the most common used tricks is that of placing a price on a solution that is supposed to be the best suited for your problem. These tactics are easy to sell because most people will equate it to the commercial market. Note: if a person posing as a psychic asks you for a given exorbitant amount so as to deliver the appropriate solution, then they are simply manipulating you. So, turn away and save you time and money.

It is wrong to stake one’s achievements but beware of a psychic who claim to be 99+% perfect or even 100% accurate on their predictions – The majority of genuine psychic professionals will listen to your problem and if they feel the need in building confidence in you – they could quote relevant cases they have solved. Lastly, a true professional psychic won’t get defensive or ignore you when you ask for a clarification.

Final word: when it comes to psychic therapy, TRUST YOUR GUT Feeling.

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