Aquarius era – Air element

Aquarius era - Air element

Aquarius era – Air element


We are now in the Aquarius era – Air element, or the IT communications age.  Many times, browsing through social media, I’ve encountered an opinion that social media causes a decline of real communication.  People only post their photos on Facebook or Instagram or some other new social outlet.  Everything is superfluous and not real. The goodness of a face to face dialog has gone.

Aquarius era – Air element is on; bringing the good and the bad; communication, transportation, information, even our emotional life became virtual, thus, is in the AIR!!

I am sure there is some truth to that, but I think this isn’t a complete truth.  The new era of Aquarius, to which we are just arriving, offers us new possibilities of communication; distinctly different from what there were in all previous centuries, and yet not so different.   In the Aquarius era – Air element, the vibes of your aura are in the AIR.

There are three different aspects of communication that I am touching here.  Why is it different from the one existed during the Piscean era? Why is it not so different? And why is it not as tragic as some people think?

The first question is the easiest to answer.  Starting from the middle of the nineteenth centuries, there was a flood of inventions that made communications to the entirely new level: the telegraph, the telephone, voice recording and video recording technologies, computers and finally the Internet.  This technology allows unprecedented access to information and almost instant connection to any spot on this planet.  Nothing like this was available during the Piscean era.

The answer to the second question is a little less obvious.

Remember when you read a really good book; a book that you want to read many times because it resonates with spiritual vibration inside your soul.  The situation described in the book could be very different from those you might encounter in your own life and yet the book draws you in and you commiserate with the characters as if some part of you indeed participates in the described events.

The books could be written a year, ten, hundred or thousand years ago, but if they are engaging, in some odd way you feel that the authors are alive as if they converse with you as if you are engaged in a dialog.  A book author thus essentially becomes your virtual dialog partner.  Logically you, certainly, realize your “partner” doesn’t exist as living individual.  However, you might tangibly feel the existence of his or her virtual self.

Modern Social Media

When a person enters a modern social media site, represented by a nickname and an avatar, and starts expressing his or her opinion on- line, we actually could find out more about this person than we would ever find out during life personal encounter.  Seventy percent of personal communication is not verbal, it’s virtual!  It has much to do with your pose, the tone of voice, with how well each line in a conversation is delivered and, to a large degree, with a personal appearance.

However, our on-line personality is perceived somewhat differently.  It has more to do with how well we are informed, our ability to logically reason, with the originality of our thought process.  A person on the other end of the Globe can read our post and enjoy it or passionately disagree with us.  Virtual communication evolved into multiple analogous to real life forms like on-line infatuation, friendship or even jealousy and bullying. Although we might never meet the people on the other side of the virtual space we can feel their personality very well.  Our inner essence, or at least, its virtual projection exposes.  In other words, we all are becoming writers.

The answer to the third question is also simple.  Any new change always brings about some give and take.  The problem is that some people have a hard time adapting to the new change, especially those who knew “good old times.”  Yet, this paradigm has always been the case during the human evolution.

Communicating in different historical periods

Back in the middle ages people live all their lives within the boundaries of their small village.  Everybody knew each other’s quirks, peculiarities, and merits, like a psychic reader knows its tarot cards.  People knew what to expect from each other and what to fear, and everybody was into each other’s business.  Back then going to the nearby city market to sell turnips seemed like a big adventure.  The neighboring province, let alone a country was a mystery.

Then came the time of great sea voyages, the time of Magellan, Vasco Da Gama and Columbus.  For people accustomed to the secluded village style communication, the new way was a big cultural shock – new people, new customs, and new ideas.  Suddenly, it was hard to trust anybody, the customary intimacy of quiet conversation was violated. Their “little village” communication protocol was shuttered, just like a new interpretation of tarot cards would confuse their customary meaning.  It had to change.  It became less private, less intimate, less all you can say.

Modern Times

Moving on to the 19th and 20th twenties centuries and the invention of a train, steam engine boat, the airplane and the automobile made a new revolution in communication.  Please could find jobs and drive 20 to 50 miles away from home every day.  They started to change jobs quickly. The connections between people because shorter in duration, more spiritually superficial, more businesslike.  This brought about a new communication model, again less private, less intimate, but at the same time faster and more informative, more liberating.

Psychic slant in futuristic movies

There is an interesting slant in the current futuristic movies like Matrix or Minority Report.  In both movies, psychic readers are given very important roles and that’s no accident.  The movie authors anticipate that during the Aquarius era telepathy, psychic foresight, and other metaphysical knowledge would receive a rapid development.  Perhaps professional psychics or tarot readers and other professions that will require intuitive know-how would become a high demand professions.

An artificial intellect and robotics are other fields that will undergo major changes in the new century.  Currently, in its infancy, they will become more and more human-like and it seems feasible to suppose that AI will be developed in the direction of intuitive knowledge as well as logical one.  Those who today in their pre-teens will probably live long enough to see robots as profession psychics or tarot readers.

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