words healing power

words healing power

“What is therapy but a form of storytelling?” observed National Book Award winner Column McCann. Later, McCann : “Storytelling is the great democracy. We all want to — need to — tell our stories. There is a certain catharsis in being able to tell your story, in confronting your demons.”

On another hand putting negative experiences into words seems to have positive physical. This is very much of a truth for psychological therapies, that measure positive effects on word therapy.

Our words go into the Universe with magnetic power and come back to us in forms of abundance or scarcity, meaning : Quantum state of Consciousness.

Sometimes you need only more abundance of LOVE – friends – joy – not money…don’t be surprised if your abundance shows up in the area that you didn’t intend – and the Universe  brings to you  something you don’t realize you need at the time.

Those people who are able to make a positive slant in their words– by using words like “love,” “care,” “happy” and “joy” — appear to benefit more than others. “Even if the person is saying ‘no one cares about me’ or ‘I don’t love anyone,’ that still means they’re thinking about a dimension of happiness. It’s better to say you’re not happy than to say you’re sad.”

The words healing power is a connection between the Universal energy and your subconscious mind that manifests abundance at a different place, not in your consciousness or in the now.

That’s way is so important to have POSITIVE words, remember that sooner or later, they will certainly come back to you.  That does not mean that you should never complain… everyone has negative days full of frustration and sadness, in which case you should focus on bringing back your positive energy to center and then infuse it with “positivity”.

Many times we are overwhelmed with negative people that drain us dry, no one wants to be around them; when these personalities are your concern, block them from your mind; keep pure intent and positive focus through your thoughts, words and actions.

When negativity is around “remove and replace” it with something positive, this will raise your awareness and positive energy.  Remember to apply the self-healing power  located  in your mind.

Put positive words and thoughts into the Universe to reap rewards!

Bea Kobran

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