The Healing of Beliefs

the healing of beliefs

the healing of beliefs

Beliefs and the Feelings that we have about them – makes our reality

Spiritual Healings are possible only when we are open to them and willing to accept them in order to receive their benefits. That’s where the difference between belief, faith and science comes in place.

Belief is more than what we think, it’s also our acceptance of what we had experienced and witnessed. Belief is what happens to our body and our soul through the Quantum.  Because of the way that everything is evolving so fast, the things of the present will soon be of the past.

Through our beliefs we bring a powerful force into the universe, with the ability to change our lives, bodies and reality.  It’s through the beliefs that we have the strength and drive to change our world, whether we are aware of it, or not. Beliefs effects are based in patterns of energy, the same energy that everything is made off: Quantum.

The location of  beliefs is literally the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra in addition to pumping the blood of life within our bodies converts the perception of our experiences and imagination (beliefs) into vibrating Quantum waves beyond our body

The Power of Emotions

E-motion, moving energy.

This represents the polarities: Love & Fear; placed in the lower 3 chakras or vortexes of energy.

This is the driving force that sends us beyond the barriers of resistance, trying to achieve our personal dreams, fantasies or goals.

These 2 emotions can derivate in infinite number of feelings or believes:  anger, attraction, compassion, jalousie, peace, violence and many more.

The Power of Thoughts

They represent the polarities: Logic & Communication, placed in the upper 3 chakras or vortexes of energy. As our thoughts are important they represent little power by themselves.  A thought without the emotion to fuel is just a thought…no more.

the healing of beliefs

the healing of beliefs

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

This chakra is the “filter” of Emotions and Thoughts, the more sensitive of the seven chakras because it brings to light the powerful unconsciousness.  As a result beliefs are feeling too; these that your unconscious got during very early childhood; since the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb until the age of seven years.

Beliefs and the Feelings that we have about them, makes our reality.

For instance if your mother was resentful of having a baby, you will be born resentful by birth with no experience. The actual best examples are:  war, abortion, suicides, gay marriage, terrorism, and all religions.

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