unwanted thoughts

unwanted thoughts

Why is it difficult to stop thinking? why we are constantly hunted by unwanted thoughts?

Many of us can’t stay still. Even those that can stay still are bombarded by disruptive signs coming from communication tools, like cell phones and computers.

Buddhism teaches that the solution to our problems is within us, not outside; but we are trained to look for them outside.

In our Western culture everything that matters is outside – the house we live in – the car we drive – the clothes we wear – the education we get… and we add more everyday.

Many are not able to meditate, stay still, sleep or relax their mind; because they are fearful of stepping away of the stress.  Control awareness is the name of this modern karma.


It’s only through meditation or an altered state of consciousness that the mind can relax. Meditation will help everybody to step out of this accelerated craziness.

Meditation requires constant practice; you can do it when you are listening to music, dancing, exercising and very helpful is to perform creative activities, as “inspiration” is on itself an altered state of consciousness.

Yoga and Chi-Kong can take you to this altered and quantum state of consciousness too.

Emptying your mind means to release your unwanted thoughts and beliefs. You can do this by lowering your ambitions to a point where you feel at ease.  Let go of this collective modern karma!

Begin to transform; when you release your limiting thoughts and beliefs and you surrender to the flow of life, magic happens.

Bea Kobran

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