Psychic Consciousness

psychic consciousness

psychic consciousness

by Esoteric Science org.:

“It is a common misconception that people with psychic abilities must be highly evolved individuals.  Psychic abilities do not indicate a person’s level of development any more than the possession of great physical strength does. We all have psychic potential but our abilities usually lie dormant we activate them. As with any skill, psychic abilities develop with regular use and diminish with lack of use. Psychic abilities can be learned by anyone who takes the time and effort to learn them. Yet, at the same time, efforts would be better directed towards developing their consciousness. Psychic abilities that only surface when the person is in a trance indicate a low level of personal development.”

The three levels of psychic consciousness

Three different levels comprise psychic consciousness: the subconscious, the superconscious and the conscious. In essence, psychic consciousness is among the key factors that make us humans. It inspires us with the ideal humanity concept instead of aimlessly wandering around. The different three levels of psychic consciousness embody various degrees of the intensity of our awareness.

Psychic Consciousness is simply the sensations of being alive, aware and observant of whatever it is that you feel. Our conscious is our inner being and essence in reality. This consciousness goes beyond our awareness of having a physical body, thoughts or emotions not merely the contents of your mind.

Of course, we all practice the same consciousness but have never examined it or considered an intentional psychic awareness of it. This is because our minds and our attention flow to the outside world rather than to the world within us.

Why do even need to be aware of this consciousness?

This consciousness makes the entire you and it is crucial that you should be fully aware of it. Suppose you own a car. Wouldn’t you want to know, at least roughly, how take a proper care of it? Think of having a phone or an electronic gadget, you definitely would want to understand how to handle it efficiently.

Similarly, the deeper you become aware of your consciousness, the more psychic powers your mind obtains. When we become consciously aware of our inner consciousness, we enjoy a variety of the derivatives associated with it. Those are happiness, peace of mind, inner strength, freedom from anxiety and inner calmness.

An example of deeper conscious awareness

Take, for instance, the moment when you are keenly watching a breathtaking landscape. Suppose you become engrossed in this beauty and for a moment lost awareness of your individual body, thoughts, and sentiments. In a twinkling moment, you become emerged in silence.

Sooner than later, your mind begins to be aware of the beautiful landscape you again become aware of very thoughts and sentiments. Thus, you are back to your ordinary consciousness and the psychic awareness of your whole body as well as it sentiments.

Amazingly, you did not, at any time, lose your consciousness during this whole experience. Truly speaking, it was an amazingly joyous and happy experience. Therefore, you become mindful of some extraordinary awareness that is beyond your ordinary daily perception.

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