The Power of Words

the power of words

the power of words

By themselves, words don’t comprise any value unless they put together with elegance to convey the meaning. Ideally, it would be to transmit and receive the necessary idea by itself, directly throughout the vibration.  A transmission could include even somethings superior to the idea: the consciousness, the perception, and the knowledge.  In fact, several people  have been partially realizing such transmissions.  A mental process causes vibrations that are compliant with the shape that your consciousness, to be in tune with your thinking.  Therefore, it is this pulsation that must be received by the other mentality if they are well attuned.

The Power of Words in the New Consciousness

Everything we say has consequences.  We could bring motivation and joy to others or grief and pain. We should be more alert of whatever we say.

People often use meaningless words without reflecting on the result of what has been said.  The consequences of this thoughtless haste can be extremely negative. Quite frequently, we say incorrect things since we do not take the time to analyze what we are about to say. It is significant to choose a topic of the conversation according to our audience, as well as there are proper time and place for conversations.

Thoughtlessness and its negative influence on communication

Frequently, negative words, opinions, and tendencies overwhelm us.   The irony of it all is that not only we expose these poisons in front of strangers, but also harm those we love and value the most!  In our conversation, we must avoid speaking violently, too loud or not loud enough.

Indeed, words serve to simply to draw the attention from the other consciousness.

However, if we don’t fill our words with the meaning that could ignite an understanding, you might pour out miles of words achieving an understanding at all.  The other side would only hear the sound, but this is not an issue of sound, but of the accuracy in the vibration.

Learn to be a good listener

As everyone likes to speak about themselves, it’s important to know how to listen, to be thoughtful and considerate. Learning to authenticate, show consideration in addition to being compassionate and cheering are all influential ways to demonstrate our love and care.

We have an influence on others with words and with body language. If we should assert ourselves, this must be done in the correct spirit and select our words sensibly for words could Never BE Taken Back.

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