Mother Earth our Great Healer

Mother Earth our Great Healer

A hundred years ago, most people lived off the land they were farming. No one had the need for

treadmills, exercise gyms, endless variety of diets and the like to stay in shape.  Everyone got their daily aerobic need at work.

The farmers, as well the housewife’s job, were one daily big exercise program, without need of a personal trainer. Nowadays, we create and recreate plans to spend time outdoors.  Sadly, modern life keeps us removed from

 Mother Earth healing properties

We let our vitality be choked out of us with our jobs, cars, computers, cell phones, Ipods, televisions, diminishing time spent in nature, unable to imagine life without these devices.

The present degree of separation between human beings Mother Earth is extraordinary. The chemical that feeds the plants and trees is virtually the same as the chemical that feeds our cells.

The plants inside your home exist like we do, in need of the water which Mother Earth provides. Likewise, we do not exist apart of our natural environment and in this oneness  our healing and nurturing mother is Earth.

When we lose contact with fresh air, clean water, green earth, and sunshine we become ill.  The lack of nature in our lives brings down our immune system.  Depression, stress, social phobias… all manner of disorders and diseases are waiting for us.

Do you allow yourself time to notice the elements of nature that are available, such as blue sky, grey clouds, the blossom trees of spring?…when you come into harmony with the natural world  you also come into alignment and healing harmony with yourself.  

Getting connected to mother earth energy is having a big dose that will always have you enjoy her healing powers and her awesome energies. Staying connected to mother earth is the top most secret of keeping a healthier body and a strong immune system. It also provides a great chance of healing others too. Earth is a solid grounding force that gives us a sense of security in our lives. Its revolution keeps us glued to it due to its force of gravity. Not only human beings but also earth provides a foundation for most if not all structures found on earth.

Let us not lose sight of the healing properties that Mother Earth provides for us. They are all around us, visually, and even internally when we partake in consuming healing herbs, drinking spring water, and all that the Earth abundantly offers to us.

Mother Earth Healing properties

Mother Earth Healing properties

mother Earth Healing properties     Your spiritual awakening requires a return to the source, 

allowing Mother Earth to give healing to all with her calm and grounded nurturing soul. Let us go forth and celebrate the Earth and its healing qualities both by partaking in and respecting her fruits.

Bea Kobran

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