Listen to your Intuition

listen to your intuition

listen to your intuition

Your intuition will lead you on the right direction. Just stay focus on what brings you joy, keep on making small steps toward what you like and you will be in the right path.

An important part of listening to your intuition is to understand how it speaks to you.

1- Listen to what you tell yourself about your life. Do not let your ego involved, it’s not about being right, but about being happy.

2- Be positive, focus in positive thinking; start practice positive thinking and envision success; many successful people confess that they spent time daydreaming about their future, and they enjoyed seeing a positive outcome.

3- Listen to your intuition while praying, meditating, enjoying music, dancing or exercising…..

Intuition brings answers through your emotions.

If you focus on fear, you attract those situations to yourself.

If you feel upset or frustrated, figure out a way to change it or let it go entirely.

4- Take action; perform at least a few things every week that will get you closer to your goal. Start moving the energy to create new things while you listen to your intuition. Your intuition will guide you as to what steps to take.

5- Expand your internal viewpoint, seeing that your intuition exists comes from within, and understanding how intuition interacts with the worlds outside, also comes from within.

Spiritual leaders are constantly aware of their responsibility for careful and thoughtful action and this awareness is what sets them apart.

6- Have fun!!Sign up for a class to something that is purely fun, or on a subject, you may want to explore. This will open your intuition faster.

7- Recycle and let go the old beliefs that make you unhappy.


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