beyond realm is hope

beyond realm is hope

There are some things that go beyond the world of beings that we are in. It involves the spirits that go beyond the life lived to that to be lived in future. It is neither our consciousness nor our knowledge but it leads on to eternal life. This eternal life has been emphasized to us by our religions which teach us that there is another world we will go to after our death. For those who do things that are contrary to what religion teaches, we are made to believe they will go to hell where devil lives.

We often hear stories of people who believe they are being haunted and tormented by ghosts, demons, spirits or some other elements beyond the realm. These are the people who religion claim are doing contrary to their teachings.  When you were a small child I guess you were taught that ghosts are spirits of deceased persons, right? That is what we were taught by some of our culture. We are also made to believe that such kind of ghosts came to punish those people who are not honoring ancestors.

Beyond realm is hope – Spirituality versus religions

Our religions have deafened and blinded us to reality. They have taught us laws that our normal mind would not determine for itself. They corrupted our common sense and spirituality from a young age and make us to accept the unreal propositions they put forward to us. Among these propositions are the impossible realms and myths of hell and heaven.

Have you also been hearing about the spiritual person? We are made to believe that a spirit person has both a spirit body and spirit mind. The spirit person appears like a physical person without the limitation of space and time. The spirit mind is the core of spirit person controlling love and eternal life of individuals. It is said to be the dwelling place of God.

Hope is one of the invisibles intangibles that we need to understand more as we think beyond the realms. This is because hope is said to dispel sadness, depressions and re-energize our enthusiasm for life. We are made to believe that hope never abandons us even when everyone else does.  It is said to be one of the most important things for everyone to have. But the only place to find hope is said to be the supernatural place but not from the heaven.

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