Healing Thoughts

Healing Thoughts

Healing Thoughts

From the time we are born and enter this realm we absorb and suck in all that is around us. Our mind acts like a recorder and holds all of our past experiences, stories, compliments, let downs all of the above and more. These things that we absorb and experience create a large part of our thoughts. These things that we store from outer influences that surround us, are what shape our very being.

If you step back and think about your thought process, ask yourself truthfully, how many of your thoughts have empowering frequencies instead of a disempowering frequency? This important question will help you begin to understand how thoughts can affect your emotions, energy and overall healing process. The thoughts that we create in our mind are like little seeds that take place and grow inside of us. If our thoughts are healthy and positive our mood will tend to be more uplifting and cheerful; our spirit will be more hopeful.

When our thoughts fester and create a cycle of self-doubt – self-hate and negativity all it is doing is trapping us with that same negativity that is brewing inside. It will radiate from within and begin to reflect back like a mirror.  This is why it is important to know how to end this cycle and keep it under control.  You can start changing your thoughts to begin your healing process by using countering words to cut off negative thoughts when you feel them beginning to arise. Words have power and they can shift our thoughts, simply by stating to yourself “I will not partake in these negative thoughts” will send a different idea to your brain. Incorporating positive phrases or “affirmations” is another great way to add positive energy to your thoughts. Affirmations will shift your negative thought process to a positive one almost immediately. Just simply recite the affirmation your desired amount of times (recommended at least 5-10x) and begin to feel your aura and inner energy absorb the positivity and override the negative thoughts.

Apply to your self healing power to heal your thoughts!

Pay attention to your emotions and the way you are feeling. This is a good way to track your thoughts as your thoughts create and trigger your emotions. If you are anxious and nervous or constantly sad, record and take note of what thoughts are in your mind at the time of these emotions. Come up with phrases to combat these thoughts and begin stopping them in their tracks .You have the power to control your thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts control you.


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