Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and Talismans

A piece of wood, a stone, a crystal and many other Nature’s “belongings” may be an Amulet or a Talisman.

Everything in this Universe has a vibration

For a Amulet and Talisman, in its molecules live the vibration of its motherland, it is a living tangible connection to the energy of that land and the spirits of that land. Like the cosmic spiral of our DNA, we connect to our origins.   It is all about sensing the energy vibration you receive from it.

You can work with this energy vibration of your amulet or talisman – in order to send healing and protection to a place or person dear to you. In addition – you can perform this ritual as often as you like.

When you are finished performing the cleansing or protective healing with your amulet or talisman, it’s a need of the practice in magic to wrap the amulet with a cloth. Red color silk or natural fabric clothes will conserve to clean the talisman vibrations.

Pagans where judge for worshiping idols, because of the way they treated their Gods and Goddesses, it’s a mistake to think we worship an amulet or talisman; it is the energy that brings that magic to the object that we venerate.  American Indians and indigenous people were honoring the divine energy emanating from Nature, like the trees, stones and water.

 Healing Crystals used like talismans by American Indians

Turquoise (blue):  It brings good luck, strength, helps overcome illness.  It strengthens the entire body, aids tissue regeneration, circulation, lungs and respiratory system.  Shields from harmful influences.

Ruby (red): speeds healing of body, mind and spirit.

Onyx (black):  It deflects and collects negative energy from you when wearing it.

Malachite (green): Worn as the good-luck charm to keep away danger and illness.

Amethyst (purple variety of quartz): calming stone.  It protects against danger, sickness and theft.  It enhances creativity, sense of beauty and attracts love.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Amber (yellow, brown or red-brown):  It Physically enhances energy levels and vitality of the body.  It helps cure and draws out infections.  It helps stimulate body functions that are slow and sluggish due to the digestive system.

American Indians as wells as other indigenous people had a greater knowledge of the Nature’s vibration.  They new how to use Therapeutic Crystals and Gems to balance  body and mind with Mother Earth. They use them for:

Gems for Spiritual Awakening,  Gems for Emotional and Physical Healing, Gems for Mental Clarity

To the opposite,  in the name of businesses, we have been taking everything from her.  It’s about time to give back  respect to our Nurturing Mother.

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