Guilt Energy Waste – Why I don’t love myself?

Guilt Energy Waste

Guilt Energy Waste

Have you ever found yourself almost boasting about self-hatred? Telling others and yourself what you think all your defects are? In short, saying “I don’t like myself”.

Guilt is energy waste, therefore you may be saying, for example:

  • I have been very sinful….
  • My work is mediocre….
  • People look down on me….
  • No one loves me…
  • I am haunted by painful memories…
  • I am never good enough….
  • I am unable to please anyone….
  • I am too heavy….
  • I feel guilty about many things I have done….
  • I am unable to forgive myself….

Finally, I don’t like myself

Guilt is Energy Waste – Release your guilt and self-hatred!

To one degree or another, self hatred feeds on thoughts and feelings like these— always comparing yourself with others, always creating goals for yourself that you can’t fulfill. Of course, when you scrutinize your so-called faults and shortcomings, you will find that they are not strong enough to hold up and prevent you from loving yourself. Why build a castle of garbage—and then live in it? That is self-hatred. Release it and let it go.

Guilt is Energy Waste

Guilt and Self-hatred is not your only option. Self-Love is a much better one. When you look deep within, when you experience the Self within the heart, you realize how much you have underestimated yourself. Truly, you have all the power you need to make any change you want to see in your life. You are capable of achieving your highest aspirations. You are truly great. Stop undermining your own greatness and your own divinity. You are great.

If you want to experience the true greatness of your inner being, you must break the chain of guilt and self-hatred link by link.

You can begin anywhere.  Let go of all those negative beliefs. Be happy.  Always think of doing something wonderful, no matter what your state of mind.  Don’t wait for your mind to become happy to do something good.  Go ahead and do something good now.  Then your goodness will shine forth.

Guilt is Energy Waste

If you are a victim of emotional poor choices – let a psychic healer help you in the quest of breaking the link of guilt and self-hatred. Then you will begin to replace it with something healing for your body, mind, and spirit—Self-Love.

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