Air Energy Healing

air energy healing

air energy healing

Air Energy Healing is done on the Electromagnetic Field of the being; this concerns nervous system and the Adrenal Glands of the physical body.

The brain, spine and nerves are body regulators of an electromagnetic nature. Each body cell is a carrier of its own electrical frequency. This brings to reality the fact that the human body is an electrical multidimensional field. At this very moment that you are reading this article, oxygen is dissolving in the bloodstream, being taken to cells to provide energy, and carbon dioxide is being exhaled.

We can’t hold onto the Air element any more than we can hold onto any of the others.( Water, Fire and Earth) In fact, we can only live by letting go, never by holding on. To hold on is to die. Never get attached to anything, just let it go! Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.


Therefore, we reflect that the Air element, like the other 3 physical elements of our body, is not me, it’s not you, it’s just vibration.

Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Energy Healing are disciplines based on the communion of body, mind and spirit, each one interacting with the other; they aim to restore the AIR element on the physical body.

Western medicine holds to the principle that all diseases are concentrating in our physical body and it’s fundamentally a series of chemical processes; this approach overlooks symptoms which are cured with medications bringing several sides effects, extremely harmful in the long term. As a matter of a fact, our physical existence cannot be purely matter.

The real cause of illness comes from the accumulation of negative experiences in this life or during several past lives. This imbalance can only be healed by Holistic Healing with a greater awareness of the memory brought by the element Air to our existence.

When breathing you will feel air energy healing, therefore, you feel less attached to your physical form, and your sense of identification will be expanded outwards– your solid matter (physical body) is now “out there” in the form of clouds, oceans, forests, and soil. In a way, those things are you. And because this very body is made of these same things, you are them. Having this sense of connectedness is empowering. You are no longer separate; you are a cosmic part of the vast cycle of the elements.

Besides, do you know that your computer and cell phone brings the memory of the microchip in the Air? Do you begin to see the

co-connectedness that occurs within ourselves and everything around us?

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