spiritual advisor

spiritual advisor

Spiritual journey is the greatest journey that an individual can take. This journey in a search for knowledge that anchors an individual in the deepest spiritual waters while at the same time remains fully-sailed in the various areas and pursuits of the human life. In this journey, the work of the spiritual advisor is to help an individual with the discovery process and in the management of arts in the spiritual practice in conjunction with human successes and expressions.

The effective and balanced management of this brings an abiding flow of peace from the spirit source, an awareness of the of the spirit in its entirety, patterns of success to the measure of human goals, enrichment of life it all its aspects, cultivation of angelic qualities that are embedded in the human DNA for example kindness, modesty, empathy, intuition, and being part of the whole.

What is the role of a spiritual advisor? A spiritual advisor takes the role of the guide in the spiritual journey and simply points you to the right way that you should take in the midst of all the available options. Note; life presents us with many option and it is upon you to take the option that best suits you. The right option isn’t well known to us, unless you are deep rooted in to the spiritual journey. For starters, a spiritual advisor will come in handy in pointing and aligning you towards the right path, realization of the various elements that are already in you and need them for a success life, and ultimately taking your right place in the whole system. It would therefore be right to say, a spiritual advisor is like a mountain guide who takes you increasingly up and higher mountains of spiritual perception while at the same time leading you through the valleys of human plenty. Note: there is a big difference between spirituality and humanistic experiences.

While spiritual is connected to the subconscious and therefore the source of the spirit, the human experiences are limited and biased as they are connected to the conscious. One of the main roles of the spiritual advisor is to guide you through this treacherous journey of self discovery, by spanning both worlds. This journey can however be complete chaos if you have the wrong spiritual advisor. With the many that are available, especially in the online space, it might be difficult to find not just the best, but a credible one. This is further hindered by the fact that, not many times that you will have the time to sift through the chaff to find the best. So, if you are looking for a credible and experienced guide who will lead you right, the Bea spiritual advisor is one of the experts out there.

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