Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling  for Females

  • I’m getting bitter and resentful, about relationships… am I always unlucky?
  • I need to build a family of my own, will I always be childless?
  • Before I did not want to have sex, then he wasn’t interested in having sex…why?
  • He did not place my picture on Facebook?
With Tarot Love Readings I will answer all your questions
Relationship Counseling for Males

Tarot Love

  • Every girl I dated wanted the same: Marriage and Children…but I want to have FUN.
  • Why are women so pushy for commitment? I only offered to be a friend with benefits.
  • She is already controlling all my steps, I do not want to change my WALL on Facebook?
  • Why is she clingy and bossy?
  • Why are women constantly arguing about all?
When Relationship Counseling is the concern, with a Tarot Love Reading I can certainly answer these questions
Having great personal relationships, is our most idealistic dream. We envision “eternal” joy…when we have our soul mate. Is this true or false?
When Relationship Counseling is the concern, a Tarot Love reading can let you know if in daily life this same relationship can make you feel miserable, bringing traumas and very challenging trials.
Relationships, like everything else are vibrational; take a look around you is everyone affectionate, thrust-full and thoughtful?

A true Love Counselor is more qualified than others to speak about these modern issues of life. A Psychic Insight can oversee the big picture, enhancing the “magical attraction” with a better advice for obtaining consistency and commitment.


Give me a call and let’s speak about True Love  954 798 3690

Gay and Lesbian Love

Finding Love, Happiness and Inner Peace with a gay partner

The secret of Gay and Lesbian Love is elusive. Indeed, finding a boyfriend or lover can be challenging. Playmates or gay hookups are easy. But finding true love in the gay community sometimes takes time, work and guidance.

Bea Kobran has worked with gay and lesbians for many years, Love Counselling is her expertise.  She has many success stories of helping them find true love and lasing relationships. Bea’s clairvoyant and clairaudient ability will be enhanced by the sound of your voice, helping you with a deep and compassionate nature.

Bea applies different tools to help her clients find Gay and Lesbian Love. They include: Tarot Cards, Numerology, Astrology, Runes, Crystals, Meditation, and more. She has successfully worked with hundreds of people to help them find true love. Many of her clients are leading happy lives with happy relationships.

With Bea the magic of true love, that secret mix of romance, friendship and fun is real and can be yours.


Bea Kobran

Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic reader in Margate, Coral Springs, FL

954 798 3690


Life-coach, Master Tarot Teacher, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner, Certified & Licensed Counselor