Bea Kobran, Psychic Reader

Bea Kobran, Psychic Reader

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Bea Kobran – Psychic Reader,  Holistic Therapist

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A psychic reading can help with healing old wounds that are still playing a role in your life today whether you still can feel them or not. In relationship as well as in career or finance matters a intuitive reading will provide you with accurate information to empower you to make decisions with confidence.

 Bea is a PSYCHIC READER with many years of experience in relationship counseling, with insights on a deeper level of happy and committed relationships.   Old prejudices are being replaced by a new thought of enlightenment and significant relationship.  Let go the old beliefs that don’t serve you, leave the yesterday fears, fall in love again. Be gentle with yourself, let your spirit be divine because a new thinking will create new experiences.

Psychic information will appear complex and it will be very hard to ignore the information received whether the detail are negative or positive. As far as the logic of the rational mind is concerned, it is impossible to dismiss it because it provides definite proof of some inner divine source of guidance, protection, and inspiration. Even though intuition has no relation with logic, it can work in harmony with logic. Intuitive counselling is therefore more than traditional counsellor or psychic reader,  when working in personal issues. intuitive coach has access to more detailed information, insight, and inspiration to help the client. And because of inner and deep device sense of truth that comes with psychic knowing, the client feels more confidence which is a major ingredient for one life and recovery.

Bea Kobran : Life Coach,  Certified Reiki Master, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner Certified & Licensed Counselor, Psychic Reader in Margate, Coral Springs, FL

Bea, only intents to help emotional and spiritual well-being, If you have a recurrent condition or pain, visit your physician for medical advice .

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