Healing Energy of Crystals – Gemstones

healing energy of crystals

healing energy of crystals

Precious and semi-precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tourmaline, amethyst, lapis lazuli, opals, topaz, crystals and many others, typically are appreciated and worn for their aesthetic beauty.   While many are not aware of this, such stones – throughout history — have been utilized for their powers.  I will explain.  When a stone is worn or kept in our personal space (home, office, drawer, e.g.), it transmits subtle energy vibrations into that person’s aura.  Each type of stone possesses a distinct mystic power.  A green emerald has a different energy than a blue sapphire – the color intensity and molecular make-up are unique.  Each particular precious and semi-precious stone resonates in its specific way that “touches” a person’s “chakra” or “energy vortex.”

healing energy of crystals

healing energy of crystals

Many of us, mostly subconsciously, are drawn to certain types and colors of stones.  It is an intuitive attraction.  Yet, it is this intuitiveness as to particular stones that serve to balance, harmonize, and heal our energy.  If you think about it — we wear certain jewelry at different times and phases in our lives and shy away from that same jewelry at other times and phases in our lives.  Sometimes and for no apparent (conscious) reason, we don’t wear a precise piece of jewelry because we just “don’t’ feel like it.”  The reason you don’t feel it is because at that particular time, you don’t need energy from that exact stone.  If you select another piece of jewelry to wear instead, it is because you need the healing energy from that  precise stone you chose to wear.

healing crystals

healing crystals

Crystals and Stones are used during meditation to assist in achieving the state of mind or being- such as peace- harmony- strength- creativity and intuitive openness.  In many facial salons, lights of different colors – red – blue- yellow – are shown onto a person’s face due to different healing powers of those colors.

The inherent qualities of stones and crystals are utilized in modern technology such as watches, lasers, cell phones and computers.  Actually, we are constantly  in touch by waves of the new vibration of therapeutic gem-stones or “crystal energy.”

In every handheld device, memory is stored inside built-in crystals, within microchips.  Moreover, the “memory” of Mother Earth is contained in all the stones within her.


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