Bea Kobran is an astounding life coach with amazing psychic abilities. She became my life coach approximately three years ago. Throughout those years, she helped me by giving me astounding insight into the events happening in my life and helped me understand the meaning of those life experiences. She coached me through difficult events, helping ME to change MY perception of the world around me and ultimately my responses to negativity. This took a lot of work and Bea very patient. She was firm and encouraging as it was difficult for me to break bad habits, but I did. Bea is extremely knowledgeable of the psychology of the human mind, her psychic abilities, and intuitive gifts definitely guide her in helping me by tuning in her focus into bringing forward my individual strengths and helping defeat my own weakness, those in which I was aware and those I was in aware. Through her professional and compassionate guidance I am renewed, have been able to overcome my own counterproductive behaviors which I developed in childhood and become a much happier, productive adult. I cannot explain the personal insight I have found through introspection and help from Bea and how my perception of the world has changed. I am a much more organized, fearless and confident, happy woman thanks to the counseling I have received from Bea.

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