Emily P.

As an adult, I was still living the child fantasy of being rescued by a “loving mate”. Of course I was a LOVE ADDICT with obsessive emotional feeling about relationships. I followed the mantra of the love addict “if I take care of you will you love me”...and I was going to any end to get my way. I did jeopardy my freedom and my dignity. Nevertheless my self esteem plumed. In state of temporary insanity a lost my temper and became verbally violent too. In addiction state all was good to get his love. Nonetheless, I became unable to control myself and with all the counseling I’have done, I decide to visit a psychic reader.¬†With Bea I understood many things, for instance my unconscious obsessive feelings on and off about the same person over the years. With her I succeed to managed my fears and frustrations, in timeless speed. With Love addiction recovery I learned how to relax my restless mind and start the path of Meditation and Yoga. Finally , today I’m standing up for my own with self respect and self-love. Thank You

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